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Feb 15, 2010 - 3. I am also very pleased to acknowledge the help from colleagues and people with .... 3.4 Penetration: Mobile and nomadic broadband . ...... shorter copper loops), are thought to be way stations on the way to a fully fiber ... South Korea's plan calls for a network aimed to support a list of eight services, three.
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Next Generation Connectivity: A review of broadband Internet transitions and policy from around the world

February 2010 Final Report

at Harvard University

Next Generation Connectivity

Contributors This report represents the outcome of a substantial and engaged team effort, most extensively by Berkman Center researchers, with many contributions from others elsewhere at Harvard and in other institutions and centers around the world. I am deeply indebted to the many and diverse contributions that each and every one of them made. The project would not have been possible without the tremendous effort and engagement by the leadership team. Robert Faris

(skeptical reading; study design; country case studies) Urs Gasser (overall leadership; country case studies; international research; reading/editing) Laura Miyakawa (project manager; pricing studies; quantitative analyses) Stephen Schultze (project leadership; bibliographic research design and implementation; country case studies )

Each of our country overviews and annexes was researched, authored and edited by a fantastic group of colleagues, research assistants and friends that resulted both in the overviews and in informing the main document. Jerome Baudry Lee Baker Eliane Bucher Anjali Dalal Gildas de Muizon Jan Gerlach Jock Given Andrew Goodman Hank Greenberg Pascal Herzog

James Kwok Alan Lenarcic Parina Patel Debbie Rosenbaum Tarek Saghir Olivier Sautel Marta Stryszowska Lara Srivastava Andrea Von Kaenel Asa Wilks

This report would also not been possible without the researching, annotating, copy editing, spreadsheeting, cheerleading and organizing provided by Berkman Center staff and interns and the Harvard Law School Library staff. Catherine Bracy June Casey Bruce Etling Sawyer Carter Jacobs Colin Maclay

Ramesh Nagarajan Caroline Nolan Antwuan Wallace Catherine White Jillian York Seth Young


Next Generation Connectivity

I am also very pleased to acknowledge the help from colleagues and people with knowledge and access to data who helped think through the design of the studies, answer specific questions, or otherwise improved the work and our understanding immeasurably. Nathaniel Beck Dominique Boullier Michael Burstein (critical reading of the main document) John de Ridder (access to data included in econometrics of unbundling) Jaap Doleman Henk Doorenspleet Andy Eggers Antii Eskola (Finnish telecommunications) Epitiro (answers to questions about actual testing data produced by the company) William Fisher Daniel Haeusermann Mizuko Ito (Japanese broadband uses) Gary King William Lehr Francois Lévêque Jun Makihara Ookla Net Metrics; Mike Apgar (access to data) Simon Osterwalder (Switzerland) HyeRyoung Ok (South Korean usage patterns) John Palfrey Taylor Reynolds (extensive answers about OECD data) David Sraer James Thurman Derek Turner (data for replicating urbanicity study) Dirk Van der Woude (fiber in Europe; Amsterdam) Nico Van Eijk (Dutch and European telecommunications policy) Jan van Rooijen Herman Wagter (municipal fiber; Amsterdam; topology) Sacha Wunsch-Vincent Finally, I am proud and grateful of the support we received from the Ford Foundation and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Both foundations were remarkably open and flexible in their willingness to receive and process our requests for funding in lightening speed, so as to allow us to respond to this highly time-sensitive request to support the FCC’s efforts, while maintaining complete independence from the agency. We have been extremely fortunate in our relationships with both foundations, and I am particularly grateful to the remarkable people whom we have been able to work on this project: Jenny Toomey from Ford, and Connie Yowell and Valerie Chang from MacArthur. Yochai Benkler, Principal Investigator

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Next Generation Connectivity

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