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Mar 28, 2018 - grab and Facebook information. - For those who have short amount of time: have a three to five minute pitch (based on the questions above) ...
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NGO’s Easy Guide to Nonprofit-Palooza Pitch n’ Dine We’re so glad you’re joining us on March 28th, Wednesday, 4 PM to 7 PM at AUBG. The events will take place in the Americans for Bulgaria building (Address: ul. "Svoboda Bachvarova" 12, 2700 Southern Industrial Zone, Blagoevgrad) in the Aspire room on the ground floor and in the canteen on the third floor.) The goal of this event is to help you recruit amazing AUBG talent for your important cause. Students, staff, faculty, and alumni are invited to attend. Here are a few tips to make the event more productive. You’ll want to know how to: 

Market your NGO concisely. Here are some questions to consider: -

What story can you tell that explains why your work is needed? How would you describe your typical client/beneficiary? Why are you passionate about what you do? How did you get involved?

I may be able to entice students with public speaking experience to help hone pitches 

Describe what you want.  Are you seeking to recruit interns, volunteers, employees?  Can you describe what a typical “day” is for the person you seek to recruit?

Discuss how the recruit will benefit.     

Gain practical skills Add credits/enhance CV/resume Be part of meaningful change in Bulgaria Impact lives Feel the personal reward of helping others

Have different ways to engage students and the rest of the AUBG community:  For those with a few moments: bring marketing materials/position descriptions to grab and Facebook information.  For those who have short amount of time: have a three to five minute pitch (based on the questions above) about what you do/need.

 For the dinner portion of the event: (You’ll be joining students for dinner at some point during the evening in the student dining hall. Which is pretty good—you’ll be surprised!). You may wish to discuss any of the above as well as what it’s like to work in nonprofit. If you have questions for the students, if you want help designing a student-friendly position or need some help with social media, please bring your questions. Reimbursement 

Do you need to have your transportation arranged from Sofia or will you handle transit yourself (up to 40 BGN if driving yourself, or entire ticket if coming by bus/train)?

Please let me know as soon as possible if you’re seeking transit, hotel and/or per diem coverage for your time.

More questions: contact Diane Rubino [email protected] Event vision statement: A hopeful Bulgaria Mission statement: Connecting students to change makers / change makers to students Core values - Event will: • be a unique opportunity to for the students to engage with topics and change makers • be designed to illuminating, positive, thought-provoking, entertaining • be an exchange of ideas between change makers and students • underscore the change that is already happening