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Nov 24, 2017 - Selling Teams—Your KPIs. Are Messed Up by Joanne ... This week's Top Sales Book is: “Digital Sales ... business book ever.” Do listen in here.
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November 24th 2017

5 Data­Driven Ways to Boost Sales Onboarding Success The key to rapid ­ and successful ­ sales onboarding is to establish a data­driven process and implement supporting technologies that can both manage and measure onboarding effectiveness. Follow these 5 data­driven best practices to find out how to accelerate ramp up times of new sales hires.

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2017 Top Sales & Marketing Awards


FINALISTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON DECEMBER 5TH The annual Top Sales & Marketing Awards is now in its seventh year and has established itself as an eagerly anticipated event in the “sales space calendar”. This contest has been created to hail “the heroes” of the sales and marketing space; to laud those companies and individuals who have gone that extra mile and who have had the courage to pioneer, when others remained wedded to the status quo.

Meet the Judges

Latest “What’s Next!” Podcast with Tiffani Bova is Out Tiffani’s guest this week is Tom Peters. Tom is the co­author of In Search of Excellence and is one of the greatest management and leadership thinkers around. His book has been called the “best business book ever.”

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Did You Miss November’s Top Sales Magazine? We have excellent contributions from Dave Kurlan, Simon Morton, Jim Cathcart, Michelle Vazanna, Brian Sullivan, Bob Junke, Lahat Tzvi, Bill Butler, Ian Moyse & Keith Rosen. In the interview hot­seat is CSO Insight’s Tamara Schenk, “Sales Enablement: My takeaways from the Sales Enablement Society Conference” Not subscribed yet? Sign­Up for Free

This Week’s Top 10 Posts The selections include work from: Jay Mitchell, Mark Hunter, Tamara Schenk, Colleen Stanley, Babette Ten Haken, Barb Giamanco, Vince Koehler, Tibor Shanto, Colleen Francis and Joanne Black. And of course, last week’s Top Post. All the details here

This Week’s Top Sales Book This week’s Top Sales Book is: “Digital Sales Transformation In a Customer First World” by Donal Daly

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This Week’s Posts 7 Ideas for Building Trust in Sales by Mike Schultz Read More How Marketing Can Create Content That Helps Sales Engage the Buyer by Jay Mitchell Read More Prospecting is About Conversations, Not Apps and Hacks by Mark Hunter Read More What Are the Criteria that Impact a Sales Enablement Leader’s Compensation? by Tamara Schenk Read More Two Words That Dramatically Increase Sales by Colleen Stanley Read More Why A Promise Statement is more than a Value Proposition by Babette Ten Haken Read More Unlock the Potential of Your Marketing Team by Vince Koehler Read More Now Is The Time To Get Ahead Of Then by Tibor Shanto Read More Your Complete Guide to Starting the Fiscal Sales Year Fast by Wes Rudsenske & Archana Subramanian Read More 3 Ways to Prep Your Pipeline for 2018 by Barb Giamanco Read More

This Week’s Audio Tips This week, we enjoyed audio tips from: Barb Giamanco, Julie Hansen, Dave Kurlan, Bernadette McClelland and Jonathan Farrington. You will find them all here

Latest TSW Webinar “Blind Spots & How to Avoid Them” The latest TSW webinar has been released. Jonathan Farrington hosts David Mattson, CEO of Sandler Training and they are discussing the “blind spots” which are preventing most companies from achieving optimum performance levels.

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Top Sales Blogs Where can you find all the very best sales blogs? Answer: Here. We have collected together all of the top sales blogs in one place – we have done the work, so you don’t have to. This section is updated in real time to provide you with an “at a glance” experience 24/7. Discover

How Do You Behave in Public? by Colleen Francis Read More Message to Account Based Selling Teams—Your KPIs Are Messed Up by Joanne Black Read More The Selling Coach: The Evolution of the Salesperson to Coach Customers to Succeed – Part 1 by Keith Rosen Read More 12 Ways to Get Your Internal Experts to Create Winning Sales Enablement by Peter Mollins Read More Win the Morning, Win the Day: The 5 Elements of a Morning Routine by Ryan Warner Read More