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Nov 2, 2010 - industrial grade Integral™ oscillators, and sets a new benchmark for stability and ease of ... pages or email our Laser Sales Team now.
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November 2010 GREENALIGN™ Enhances FEMTOLASERS' Oscillators FEMTOLASERS have released the next generation of their synergy™ and fusion™ ultrafast oscillators, thereby strengthening their established reputation as the leading manufacturer of femtosecond lasers. The new models share the same platform designed to provide maximum passive stability and are available in combination with GREENALIGN™ active stabilization that further enhances the long term power stability. GREENALIGN™ is an opto-mechanical system derived from Femtolasers' industrial grade Integral™ oscillators, and sets a new benchmark for stability and ease of operation. In addition, the model range has been extended to offer versions with sub-9 fs pulse duration or with output powers up to 1200 mW. For more information on these and their other systems, visit our FEMTOLASERS product pages or email our Laser Sales Team now.

Femtosecond Protection from New Polymer Filter Sperian Protection has developed and certified two polymer laser safety filters for the femtosecond community that provide protection levels that were previously only possible with glass technology. These new lightweight filters meet EN 207:2009, ANSI 136.1, ANSI Z87+ (high impact) and protection levels such as D LB 6 + IRM LB 8 at 1064nm and at 532nm. Available for the popular Sperian XC® frame style that encompasses the entire eye, ensuring user safety and offering the best individual fit for optimal comfort. Sperian XC is covered by a lifetime warranty, thereby providing a low cost of ownership thanks to the long product life. You can download the range brochure here, or contact us about your application for specialist advice.

EXCLUSIVE: New KLASTECH Concerto 442nm Laser will perform at Photonics West KLASTECH are preparing for the launch at Photonics West of their next generation of Concerto 442 nm single frequency DPSS lasers. Initial powers will be 25, 50 and 75 mW with 100 and 150 mW to follow.

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Solid state replacement for HeCd lasers Single frequency (< 1 MHz line width)| Single longitudinal mode Diffraction limited beam quality > 100 m coherence length & rock solid pointing stability TEC cooled

Ultra low noise The preliminary datasheet is available via our KLASTECH DPSS pages or email our Laser Sales Team for more details, including up to date specifications.


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