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is original Eduard production, decals, resin and PE parts are modified. Two Weekend items are ready too, F6F-5N Hellcat in 1/48th scale, with resin parts ...
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Dear friends,


I do have bad news to open todays newsletter. Unfortunately, there are two kit items not yet available in our stock for October block of releases, due the failure of a machine in our engineering office. It is expected these two items, Bf 109F-4 in 1/48th scale, and HIND /Mi-24 in Czechoslovak and Czech service in 1/72nd scale, will be available for completing your orders late next week. We are very sorry for this inconvenience, and I promise we will do everything what is possible to shortage the expected delay in the dispatching of the orders. Martin will inform you about the progress. Concerning November releases, you can see an interesting arrangement of the prepared items in following pages. Among the kits, the Spitfire Mk.XVI in 1/72nd scale and the Limited Edition Dual Combo fashion seems to be most interesting kit release of the month. The 1/48th scale kit with the same configuration was one of the Limited Edition fast sellers, and we expect this one could work similar. Note the marking options are slightly modified to bring some surprise. I just remember that the packing contains plastic parts for both variants of the Mk.XVI, the Bubbletop as well as Highback versions, one set of plastic for each one. Next, see the Bell X-1 in 1/48th kit in Profipack edition. This is a re-edition of the one of the first Eduard mainstream style kit. As the kit is years not available, it is expected it could work similar like Tempest Mk.V 1/48 five years ago. Concerning the content, the plastic is original Eduard production, decals, resin and PE parts are modified. Two Weekend items are ready too, F6F-5N Hellcat in 1/48th scale, with resin parts contained, and Fokker Dr.I in 1/72nd scale. Fokker Dr.I is one of the Eduard´s bestsellers, to have it back could be usefull! There could be some bestsellers among the Brassin items too. The open main undercarriage well for 1/48th scale Macchi C.202 is an item, released on the customer´s wish, as well as Spitfire Mk.XVI engine cowl and Fokker Dr.I engine in 1/72nd scale (both). Bf 109F cockpit in 1/48th scale is the accessories for the kit to be released now, see also the five sets of various weapon. Concerning the PE sets, see the five sets for Revell´s Ventura Mk.II 1/48, four sets for He 111H-6 be Airfix in 1/72nd scale, two sets for 1/48 Ju 87B and 1/72 Japanese B5N1 Kate, both by the same manufacturer. We bring also three sets for brand new Yak-3 in 1/32nd scale by Special Hobby. There are also three new ship set including the color signal flags set in 1/350, etched to 0,1 mm steel plate reduced to 0,05 mm by etch. And, of course, check the numbers of the STEELBELTS sets! Also, see the sets for new M-10 in 1/35th scale by Tamiya, one of the top sets and potential bestsellers of the November list! The Mask set list follows the major releases in the PE and kits collection. The five BigEd sets are, upon my mind, highly interesting for the subjects of detailing, it is expectable the Tempest MkV in 1/32nd scale as well as the Typhoon Mk.Ib in 1/24th scale would be successful bestsellers in close future. Talking about these two significant types, do you know both are going to come to our 1/48th scale kit collection next year? The first is ging to be Typhoon Mk.Ib (car door version) in Limited Edition with Hasegawa plastic already in January 2017, Tempest Mk.V is going to be next couple of months latter, in late 2017, as our original design. That´s, yeah, don´t miss two new decal sets! Well, enjoy study of the newsletter, don´t forgot to send us your preorders asap, if possible until end of September. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Concerning the availability of the announced items, we expected them in our store on October 17th, 2016. Thank you once again for your cooperation! Vladimir Sulc, CEO, Eduard MA Product previews are subject of change. Instruction sheets, more pictures and information can be found on

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