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Android Gaming • Advanced Imaging Sensors • Android Wifi Stack


Year Three Issue #35 Nov 2016


Ultra-HD 4K ODROID Ambilight

Create a synchronized video light display • Linux Gaming: Get Serious with the SeriousEngine

• Android Nougat: OpenJDK-based Java and a new graphics API

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ne of the most versatile peripherals for the ODROID is the Arduino, which can be programmed as a standalone controller for many projects, from robots to home automation. A simple project to get started with the Arduino is to create an Ambilight system, which is a stunning background light display that synchronizes itself with live video. The engineers at Hardkernel demonstrated it at ARM TechCon 2016, and wrote a guide for you to easily create the same stunning light show in your own home. To further enhance your viewing experience, we present a tutorial on setting up a MythTV front end as well as an article on enabling accelerated video playback in an ODROID-C2 web browser. For more experienced DIY enthusiasts, Miltiadis presents his lights controller with SMS notifier project that can be adapted and expanded to any IoT application, and Jörg shows us how to set up an alarm system with window sensors. Andy expands upon our previous Docker series with up-to-date information, Tobias introduces us to the Serious gaming engine, Nanik describes the Android WiFi stack, and Bruno has fun with Ancestor, a visual stunning Android game with amazing gameplay. ODROID Magazine, published monthly at, is your source for all things ODROIDian. Hard Kernel, Ltd. • 704 Anyang K-Center, Gwanyang, Dongan, Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea, 431-815 Hardkernel manufactures the ODROID family of quad-core development boards and the world’s first ARM big.LITTLE single board computer. For information on submitting articles, contact [email protected], or visit You can join the growing ODROID community with members from over 135 countries at Explore the new technologies offered by Hardkernel at


I’m a computer programmer in San Francisco, CA, designing and building web applications for local clients on my network cluster of ODROIDs. My primary languages are jQuery, Angular JS and HTML5/CSS3. I also develop prebuilt operating systems, custom kernels and optimized applications for the ODROID platform based on Hardkernel’s official releases, for which I have won several Monthly Forum Awards. I use my ODROIDs for a variety of purposes, including media center, web server, application development, workstation, and gaming console. You can check out my 100GB collection of ODROID software, prebuilt kernels and OS images at

Bruno Doiche, Senior Art Editor

Bruno lately is fiddling with 2 of his ODROIDs, playing games and being amazed by the responsiveness of his machines with this new and amazing system. He is making sure that he never runs out of gaming column ideas for the readers that discover new games along with him!

Manuel Adamuz, Spanish Editor

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