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The GATE is an initiative of the NSW Government's. Department of Primary Industries (DPI). ▫ DPI's purpose is to increase the capacity of primary industries.
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FAST TRACKING DEVELOPMENT OF AUSTRALIAN AG - TECH Carolynne James GATE Project Leader and Manager , DPI Investment and Business Development

Behind the GATE? ▪ The GATE is an initiative of the NSW Government’s Department of Primary Industries (DPI). ▪ DPI’s purpose is to increase the capacity of primary industries and communities to drive economic growth across NSW. ▪ DPI’s goal is to increase productivity through innovation and grow total primary industries output to $20billion by 2020. ▪ How ? By innovation, commercialisation and integrating technology to raise productivity. ▪ New opportunities in funding and resources for R&D

▪ Megatrends in agriculture and science

Rural R&D Expenditure 2006/7 to 2014/15

Source: ABARES , ‘Rural Research, Development and Extension Investment in Australia’, September 2017

Mega trends & Directions Primary Industries • A hungrier world • A bumpier ride • A wealthier world • Transformational tech • Choosy customers

Science • Century of biology • Rise of data science • Cross discipline • Talent competition • Erosion of trust in science

Directions • Gene technologies • Nanotechnology • Synthetic biology • Big Data • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

NSW DPI: the premier Australian agriculture researcher Agriculture

Largest rural research provider in Australia



Glen Innes Narrabi Armidale

Biosecurity & FoodSafety




Portfolio of $500M of R&D projects


Tocal Orange Ourimbah

Dareton Griffith


Research Excellence

25 research stations and 13,000 ha trial sites


650 scientific and technical staff


Wagga Wagga

Cropping Horticulture

Policy, Performance & Engagement




Globally, the NSW DPI has been bench marked in the top 1% of research organisations in agriculture, plant and animal sciences.


Port Stephens




The GATE Facility +

Orange Agricultural Institute, NSW Australia

2DPI & Partners

The GATE Program

General Public


Cohort 20 projects/businesses per annum plus additional individuals

3 - THE GATE Collaboration




8 University Relationships

2 technology providers/ connectivity trials CISCO and Telstra

25 research stations



Start ups


Agribusinesses co- working space

CBR Innovation – Incubation and Bootcamp provider

13,084 ha 4 different climatic regions

UK, Indian and Korean associations

Public and global projects and participants

Farmer forums and technology showcases

$500 million portfolio / pipeline 2 National research institutes –HIA and CRDC 650 experts/scientific capability

Developer in Residence and tech meet ups

Sparklabs Cultiv8 – Acceleration provider and global market enabler

Student and workforce digital capability

4 – The GATE Projects DPI GATE collaborations - Nanoscent- cow breathalysers - Nontox herbicide – beating herbicide resistant weeds - Networked farms and sleepy hacks- overcoming connectivity - Quadbike safety – addressing high accident rates - Chickpea food innovation – novel foods - Drought predictive technologies and tools External businesses - US- Blockchain in food supply - Norway – spacial fish management - Singapore – low cost wastewater treatment - Australia