Nursing with Dyslexia - workplace aids and equipment

You can also get a coloured screen enhancer for your calculator. ... There are some programmes that replicate this on computer screens and an app for. Ipads ...
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Peer Support Factsheet

Nursing with Dyslexia: workplace aids If you have been diagnosed with Dyslexia you may be advised to look at equipment that could assist you in your daily work. Peer Support Service member Andy applied for assistance from the government’s Access to Work scheme and describes below the equipment he received following a work place assessment. Andy says “as someone who was diagnosed late it is probably more difficult to build these items into my usual daily routine. Trying things out is the best way to find what works for you” If certain equipment does not suit you, this does not mean that you are at fault. Also remember that no amount of physical adaptations can make up for a lack of support within your work team and particularly from your manager. If you feel you are being treated unfairly at work because of a health issue you should contact RCN Direct. As roles or environments change, equipment that has not suited the individual before may suddenly become invaluable; managers and employers should be mindful of this. If you are a student, contact your disability officer for advice and assistance. You can expect to be given more time to complete tests and assessments in addition to receiving equipment. There are almost certainly colleagues in your organisation who already have equipment and coping mechanisms; do you know someone who could share their experiences? You can also join the RCN’s Peer Support Service to speak to other members with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia. Below are some of the adaptations RCN members find helpful at work. Digital Voice Recorder (Dictaphone) Recording reminders Case work Encryption and PIN locking features help protect confidential data. Discuss employer policy on recording of client notes to ensure you are complying with confidentiality – it is possible to use for sensitive case notes. Andy says “At the moment I rarely use it for clinical work as I move around a lot – it is helpful for when you are dealing with issues one at a time”. Text-Help Read & Write (gold) This software offers various features including spellchecking, reading, dictionary definitions (spoken). It also has mind mapping, other mind mapping software is also available and may be of use for certain roles and for study. It is available on a one licence USB stick so you can take it with you and use at any computer. You may also want to carry a pocket spell check.

June 2015

Peer Support Factsheet

Coloured acetate overlays These help text appear clearer and easier to read. Different shades will work better for different people. Available for monitors and as portable sheets you can take with you and place over case notes etc.and as a ruler so you can use on charts to help focus on one line of text at a time. You can also get a coloured screen enhancer for your calculator. Andy says “I keep this in my bag and they are helpful when I am tired or have a lot of reading to do”. Irlen glasses work on a similar principle. Changing the colour on your computer/device screen itself There are some programmes that replicate this on computer screens and an app for Ipads, and you can change the page colour of word documents.

Coloured Papers Cream or buff coloured paper can be used to print hand over notes and other documents. These work on the same principle as the acetate overlays. Headphones Helpful for concentrating on what is being spoken to you via your Dictaphone or PC. Blocking out noise aids concentration and gives privacy. Voice recognition software Converts spoken word in to typed text. Can also be used to control computers with voice commands. Andy says ”This can be used in conjunction with the digital voice recorder, potentially to translate what is spoken into type.” Customisation of PC operating system Make changes to your desktop that make it feel most comfortable wher