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O2 Wifi for Office is a fully managed service that enables any visitors to your offices, like temporary staff, contractors and suppliers – who do not need access to ...
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Product sheet: O2 Wifi for Office

O2 Wifi for Office

Provide seamless connectivity for your visitors and your people without impacting your network. O2 Wifi for Office is a fully managed service that enables any visitors to your offices, like temporary staff, contractors and suppliers – who do not need access to corporate resources – to get online in your buildings. People don’t have to be on O2 to use the service. Users only have to register once and connection thereafter is automatic in any O2 Wifi venue nationwide, without the need for usernames and passwords.

Flexibility – without compromising your corporate network Data that runs across O2 Wifi for Office is kept separate from corporate data. People can only access corporate resources if they have a secure VPN. Your business and your users benefit from our network’s robust security and content filtering. We take care of all the regulatory and compliance requirements that come with providing a public access wifi service. So you don’t have to manage non-corporate traffic or any associated liability, and your important visitors can still stay connected when they are at your sites.

Give your guests and employees a better experience Provide visitors and employees in your building an office wifi connection that doesn’t require a password. Users only need to register once at any of your offices or at any of our 8000 O2 Wifi venues, and connection is automatic. People can be productive as soon as they enter your premises. And it provides longer sessions than our standard public wifi, so people can stay connected for up to 16 hours. With over six million existing customers registered on the O2 Wifi network, many people will already be registered – making connection automatic as soon as they enter any of your buildings. And there’s even an O2 Wifi mobile app to make it even easier to sign-up to and find other O2 Wifi hotspots.

Open the door to bring-your-own If your people want to use their personal devices in the office, this is an ideal way to support them. They can connect to the internet without compromising the corporate network and carry out basic work tasks, such as accessing email in meeting rooms or canteens, and personal tasks like checking their social media feeds. Your IT team won’t have to worry about a wave of personal devices accessing the corporate network, and your people get the benefit of using their own devices at work without having to use up their mobile data allowance, so they’ll be happier too.

• A fully managed service providing seamless connectivity at your sites for all your visitors and employees • Quick and simple connection for anyone, even if they’re not on O2. No passwords. No usernames • Paves the way for bring-yourown, keeping your corporate network secure • Provides a platform for information sharing and corporate communications

Product sheet: O2 Wifi for Office

A platform for corporate communications You can provide your people and visitors with a consistent experience by personalising the O2 Wifi for Office welcome page. It can be used as a platform for information sharing and corporate communications – like recent news and achievements – to reinforce your brand.

A robust, reliable, fast wifi network you can depend on O2 Wifi for Office provides a fast, resilient public access wifi service for your offices. We’ll design, install, run and monitor it all for you, so you get all the credit, but none of the hassle. Content filtering across our network means you have the assurance that your organisation and your users are protected against inappropriate content.

Built around you We can overlay O2 Wifi for Office on your existing infrastructure, or we can build it for you from scratch. Talk to our experts about what works for you.

Why O2? We’re an established communications provider, delivering services across a range of networks: mobile, broadband and wifi. We’ve helped to drive and shape the public wifi