OBESSU Annual Report 2017

OBESSU is supported by the European Commission's Erasmus+ Programme and the Council of Europe's European Youth Foundation. This annual report reflects the views only of the author, and neither the Commission nor the Council of Europe can be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information ...
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Secretariat Board

4 staff 1 intern 1 external finacial manager

5 members

| 5 countries |

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STRUCTURES Monitoring Committee

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Pool of Trainers

3 members

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8 trainers | 7 countries |

Working Groups Vocational Education and Training (VET) | 5 members - 5 countries |

Political Platform

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Migration Inclusion Toolkit | 4 members - 4 countries |

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Study Session

Seeds for Integration

Summer School

Welcome to education: all included!

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Learning for Life

5 - 12 March Budapest, Hungary

10 - 16 July Ljubljana, Slovenia

Aim: to contribute towards ensuring more inclusive education, by preparing school students to become inclusion advocates in their environments.

Aim: to discover and discuss on what is the main focus of education in European countries, and on the multiple roles education has in our society, with a particular emphasis on its social dimension.

| 40 participants |

International Students’ Day

17 - 24 September ‘University on Youth and Development’ Mollina, Spain

On the 17th of November 2017, OBESSU has launched a Global Call for Action on how economic costs related to education threaten the universal right to education, demanding that our generation must finally be granted full access to the Right to Education!

Aim: to create a so-called Migrant Inclusion Toolkit that contains a set of guidelines providing specific information on the type of activities that are enhancing the inclusion of migrant and refugee students, with concrete, well-defined implementation action plans.

| 39 participants |

Seeds for Integration


Seeds for Integration is a re-granting scheme providing large, medium and small-scale funding for secondary school student unions to implement inclusive projects on the integration of migrant and refugees to the secondary education system.

[As partner organisation]

| 19 projects in 13 countries |

OBESSU has actively supported the ERASMUSx10 Campaign for a more inclusive and accessible Erasmus+ Programme, coordinated by Lifelong Learning Platform, European Youth Forum and Eurodesk.

| 29 organisations co-signed the call |


| 3 million people reached on social media |

| 18 participants |

Coloured Glasses Grow: Expanding Intercultural Education [As partner organisation]

Study Session

Summer School

A deeper understanding and analysis of the concepts of social inclusion/ exclusion in education, that will contribute to OBESSU advocacy work on specific topics such as migration, gender equality, disability and mental health

An online ready-to-use audiovisual material, focused on the content of the reflections carried out by participants on the main topics of the activity.

Policy Papers


Position papers


Innovation in Education

Reaction to Improving and Modernising Education Communication

Joint Position on School Students’ Mobility in Erasmus+

Stronger school students’ representation

Students disappointed by SOTEU: Accessible education is key to the future of Europe

OBESSU Position on the Key Competences review


Adopted GA 2017

Recognise Study Abroad

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