OCHA Sudan Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin

Jun 22, 2014 - displaced people have been verified in Zamzam IDP camp, some 360 in Kassab. IDP camp, and some 12,000 in IDP camps in the Tawilla.
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Humanitarian Bulletin Sudan Issue 25 | 16 – 22 June 2014

Fighting in three Darfur states P.1 • Fighting has erupted in the

IOM verifies new IDPs in N.Darfur camps P.2

states of Central, South and

Sudanese aid staff abducted in Darfur P.3

West Darfur leading to

Over 85,000 refugees from South Sudan P.4

insecurity, civilian deaths, and internal displacement. • Some 42,200 newly

Displaced woman by a water point in Zamzam IDP camp, (UNAMID)

displaced people have been verified in Zamzam IDP

Fighting in Central, South and West Darfur

camp, some 360 in Kassab IDP camp, and some 12,000 in IDP camps in the Tawilla area, according to IOM. • On 18 June, armed men abducted 16 Sudanese humanitarian aid workers in three separate incidents in Kutum locality, North Darfur.

On 19 June, civilians were killed and injured during fighting in Salaya village in Um Dukhun locality, Central Darfur, according to reports received by the UN 1. The next day, fighting spread to Mukjar town where armed clashes took place in the market, causing further deaths and injuries. Government forces intervened and brought the situation in Mukjar under control. However, unconfirmed reports have been received of fighting in Mudaraf and Kubal villages on 21 and 22 June respectively. According to local community members, 17 people were killed and more than 20 injured in Um Dukhun locality. According to the international NGO International Medical Corps (IMC), their Um Dukhun clinic received 10 injured people seeking medical attention. Humanitarian actors working in Um Dukhun and Mukjar localities have restricted movement to rural areas.

• As of 18 June, an estimated 85,700 South Sudanese refugees have sought refuge in Sudan since conflict erupted in South Sudan on 15 December 2013.

Fighting in Kaileck village, Shattai locality, South Darfur Fighting was also reported in Kaileck village (approximately 47km southwest of Kass town in Shattai locality, South Darfur), according to reports received by the UN. At least one person was killed and others injured, while 33 houses were looted and burned down, according to the report. Government forces have been deployed to the area, but the situation is reportedly still tense. No reports of displacement have been received.

Fighting between farmers and nomads in West Darfur IDPs in Darfur – in 2013 in 2014 (to date)

2 million

Refugees in Sudan (UNHCR)


Sudanese refugees in Chad (UNHCR)


Sudanese refugees in South Sudan & Ethiopia (UNHCR)



Fighting over land use erupted between farmers and nomads in West Darfur’s Habila Kanari village in Kereinik locality, east of Krinding internally displaced persons (IDP) camp, El Geneina locality. The African Union – United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) received unconfirmed information from the local community that three people were killed during the fighting. The situation remains tense with retaliatory acts reported. There have been unconfirmed reports that civilians have fled the area, according to UNAMID. Conflict between nomads and farmers during the cultivation and harvest seasons regularly occurs in West Darfur, often resulting in civilian displacement, the destruction of assets and the disruption of livelihoods. In late 2012, a similar conflict erupted in the


995 million requested in 2014 (US$)

43.4 % reported funding

Editorial comment: Frequent references are made in reports received by OCHA to “inter-tribal” fighting. In this and future editions, tribal references will only be included where it is well established that attacks are carried out by one group on another primarily because of issues of an inter-ethnic nature. In almost all cases OCHA is unable to verify that this is the case. From