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Jan 16, 2012 - and insightful analytics, marketers can execute offers programs that go beyond traditional coupons. GO BEYOND. OFFERWISESM. SOLUTION.
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Acquire new customers, increase loyalty, streamline redemption, analyze offer performance, and increase marketing ROI.



Electronic coupons, loyalty programs, and daily deals are great at driving in-store traffic, but the manual, paper-based process clogs checkout and accounting procedures, and leaves marketers guessing at ROI. First Data’s OfferWiseSM solution enables card-linked offers for consumers, merchants, and the offer providers who service them. With the solution’s streamlined redemption and insightful analytics, marketers can execute offers programs that go beyond traditional coupons.

Extensive publisher network

OfferWise enables publishers of electronic coupons, daily deals, and loyalty programs to implement and manage card-linked offers for their merchant customers. Our innovative partners can help streamline your offer processing and track in-store redemption activity for your next promotion.

Streamline the POS redemption experience

Offer redemption is quick and easy, with no paper coupons required. Discounts are automatically applied in real-time at the point of sale or within days of redemption, and store managers are freed from the manual tracking and logging of redeemed offers. Processing card-linked offers through the real-time


OfferWise decision engine also reduces fraud and errors from duplicate paper coupons and vouchers.

Leverage analytics to build smarter marketing programs

OfferWise reporting and analytics will help you clearly understand the performance of online offer and loyalty programs. Discover redemption rates, where offers are being redeemed and how promotions correlate to basket size and repeat visits. Using this information can help you make more informed decisions about where to invest in future offer opportunities.

Gain immediate point of sale reach

First Data has enabled millions of retail locations with OfferWise processing capability, so your consumers can have this quick and easy point of sale shopping experience nationwide.

Retail marketers know they can advertise more efficiently if they can actually track and close the redemption loop from online browsing to offline buying.” Reid Hoffman, Ali Rosenthal and James Slavet The Credit Card is the New App Platform Forbes, March 1, 2012

THE OFFERWISE CONSUMER EXPERIENCE 2 Consumer uses payment card at merchant

1 Consumer selects an offer and links to payment card via mobile phone or computer

Sam&Taylor 01/16/2012 Merchant ID: Terminal ID:

11:17:12 000000001234 0001234 CREDIT CARD MC SALE

CARD# INVOICE Batch #: Entry Method: Mode: Offer ID: OFFER PUBLISHER:

XXXXXXXXXXXX0000 0019 000003 Swiped Online 797 First Data OfferWise



OFFER AMOUNT -$16.00 OfferWise Solution-40% discount —————— TOTAL AMOUNT

3 Consumer receives discount on point of sale receipt or near real-time discount confirmation with card account statement credit.



Credit  Card  Statement   Account  Number  

THE OFFERWISE SOLUTION Go beyond the paper coupon. Connect Offers. Streamline Redemption. Increase ROI.

KEY BENEFITS • Expand your business through the OfferWise network of Certified Publishers • Paperless, real-time offer redemption at the POS speeds checkout • Proven increase in offer redemption by moving from paper to electronic method • Campaign performance analysis and offer ROI tracking • Reduce effort and training of staff when running campaigns