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Sep 11, 2017 - Present: Councillors Stephen Clark, John Boardman, Desmond ... asked if the developers would be providing the community centre, or would.
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Minutes of the meeting of Olney Town Council Planning Committee held on Monday 11 September 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Olney Centre Present: Councillors Stephen Clark, John Boardman, Desmond Eley, Tony Evans In attendance: Liam Costello (Town Clerk), Cllr Peter Geary, Cllr Kevin Viney, Jonathan Harbottle (Providence Land Ltd), Jeremy Emmerson (Providence Land Ltd) and 16 members of public

Public forum: 

Joanne Eley asked how the town can be assured that the much mooted S106 contributions would be given to local projects. The Town Clerk responded that it would be the responsibility of the town council and ward councillors to monitor and ensure that it happened.


To receive apologies for absence. Apologies were received from Councillors Jeremy Rawlings, John Smail and Sally Pezaro


To receive any declarations of interests. Cllr Deirdre Bethune declared a personal interest in item 6(c) but noted that approval had already been given.


To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 24 July 2017 RESOLVED: that the minutes be approved. Cllr Eley asked if there had been any feedback from the letter sent to the Chief Exec. The Town Clerk reported that a meeting had been held with the Monitoring Officer and another solicitor at MKC. They had requested further information from OTC, which has been provided, and a response was awaited from MKC. A holding response was received from MKC on 08 September.


To receive the list of recent planning decisions. RESOLVED: To note the list

Planning Committee – 11 September 2017

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Presentation from applicant on revised plans for 17/00939/OUT - Land West of Yardley Road 250 dwellings etc. Jonathan Harbottle from Providence Land Ltd, later joined by his colleague Jeremy Emmerson, gave a presentation on the revised plans for the 250dwelling development on land west of Yardley Road. The revised plans included a 2nd road access on Yardley Road and a pedestrian access along Aspreys. There were also a number of off-site improvements to the footpaths / cycleways along Aspreys. They pointed out that MKC had originally requested no vehicle access from Aspreys and a single highway access along Yardley Road. There was also strong local feeling during their pre-application public engagement against highways access along Aspreys. Subsequently, they were made aware of the emerging highways standards from MKC which called for two highways access points on developments of this scale. Councillors and members then asked question of the presenters. 

Cllr Eley was told that the highway improvements would be additional to any S106 commitments.

Cllr Bethune expressed concerns that the highways accesses were too close together, and suggested the 2nd should be on Aspreys.

Cllr Geary asked if there could be an emergency access on Aspreys, and asked if the developers would be providing the community centre, or would it be financial contributions for others to provide the facility.

Cllr Geary asked if there was any reason why a 2nd access could not be provided along Aspreys. Jeremy Emmerson responded that pre-app advice was against highways access on Aspreys.

Cllr Hosking (MKC) noted that there was an additional 8 dwelling development further along Yardley Road for which a reserved matters application has been submitted. He also asked if there was any reason why a 2nd access could not be provided along Aspreys

Joanne Eley asked if the 30% affordable housing could be reserved for local people. Jonathan Harbottle agreed to provide response to this question through the town council.

A member of the public commented that the Local Connection Policy in the draft Neighbourhood Plan had been removed by the independent examiner. (Note from Town Clerk - this is