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2015 Report and Accounts and 2016 Trading Update. OUR IMPACT. How we made ..... result: the launch of the Good Recruitment Campaign in 2014. The ..... these works best. Marketing is the lifeblood of any successful recruitment business.
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OUR IMPACT How we made a difference in 2015 2015 Report and Accounts and 2016 Trading Update

ABOUT US Jobs transform lives, which is why we are building the best recruitment industry in the world. As the professional body for recruitment we’re determined to make businesses more successful by helping them secure the people they need. We are absolutely passionate and totally committed in this pursuit for recruiters, employers, and the people they hire. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) represents the interests of the UK’s £31.5billion private recruitment industry to government, business and media in both the UK and Europe. The REC represents business through its corporate membership and individuals through the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP). All corporate members abide by a code of professional practice and individual members abide by a code of ethics and professional conduct.


REC Impact Report 

The REC is: Recruitment’s biggest lobbying voice The source of recruitment knowledge Passionate about raising recruitment standards

Dedicated to developing successful careers in recruitment Committed to exceeding members’ expectations through business support


CHAIR’S WELCOME This report highlights some of the big developments from 2015 including the launch of a new narrative for the industry - Jobs transform lives. It also provides information on a fantastic new campaign for supporting business growth (Scale Up), as well as the drive to increase the membership of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP). I was honoured to have been chosen to take on the role of REC chair last year. Having had over 18 years of experience in the construction recruitment industry, I founded Bespoke Recruitment (Construction) in 2001 and what made my business thrive was my own unwavering demand that we are fully compliant and compete on best practice. The REC have helped my business develop and that’s why I now want to help others. This is the best time since the 1980s to be running a recruitment business. The UK’s job rich economic recovery has enabled the UK recruitment industry to expand rapidly. Sales grew by £1.8bn to £31.5bn last year (that’s a growth of 9.7%) and the industry is now £4.5bn bigger than prior to the recession. The REC’s growth forecast for the industry this year (2015/16) and for the next two years is for a further increase in sales of 22.1%. We anticipate the industry turnover being £39bn by April 2018 which is why we are continuing our Scale Up campaign to help members take advantage of the opportunities for success on offer in the growing market. I’m particularly proud of the way the REC demonstrates that it is a positive representative for the recruitment industry by its extensive

media coverage. To be a strong industry and a force for transforming people’s lives, we need to have a voice that is respected and listened to. The REC does that. The REC is focusing on making the industry a career of choice. This is something that I am pleased to see the REC working hard on with its increasing levels of people joining IRP and taking exams year-on-year. In 2016 you are seeing the REC continuing to fight recruitment’s corner, be that on taxation policy, the wage cap on NHS agency staff, or the introduction of new conduct regulations. We speak on behalf of the whole industry, not just an isolated part of our profession. Recruiters make a difference to people’s lives: we help businesses get the skills and talent they need and we make our jobs market work. If we have compliant professional businesses in REC membership it strengthens our voice and enables us to talk with more authority and credibility. So please read on to find out about everything the REC achieved during 2015 on behalf of its members and the industry as a whole.

Simon Noakes Chair Recruitment & Employment Confederation

REC Impact Report