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providers to shape programming to meet the specific needs of the school and its pupils. *From a sample of 191 young people aged 9-22 years. 2,3 See footnotes ...
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Our Impact A look back at a year of positive change


Impact Review 2014/2015  1

Our best year on record

Contents Our best year on record


Transforming young people’s lives


The year in numbers 


What we stand for 


Woods and fields make great classrooms 


Research shows young people are benefiting 


Fresh air works wonders 


YHA Breaks for Kids 


Our Summer Camps make a difference 


The success of our Summer Camps 


Parents also see the benefits 


We welcome everyone 


Creating opportunities for families 


National Citizen Service 


Developing life skills through volunteering 


How volunteers are benefiting 


Equipping young people for success 


A year in the life of YHA Castleton Losehill Hall 


Exciting new hostels for 2014 


More ways to stay with us 


An award-winning year 


A snapshot of an exceptional financial year 


How YHA is governed 


Proving the positive impact we make


Start making a positive impact with us 


Valued partners 


And a special thanks to you


I’m delighted to be writing this after what I can only describe as YHA’s best year ever in my experience. As I come to the end of my tenure as Chairman, I’m so happy to be able to hand over the reins to my successor with the organisation in such good heart and with its sights firmly set on the goal of reaching out to 1 million young people each year. In the 40 plus years that I’ve been associated with YHA much has changed both at our Youth Hostels and in the way YHA is run. Today we have a highly professional team under an inspiring Chief Executive. We are now closer than ever to reaching a sustainable, fit-for-purpose network. The job isn’t finished and there will always be challenges for any charity, but we have turned the corner. We can now take long-term strategic investment decisions and take on large projects confident that we can make them work.

“I want to thank the volunteers and the staff who tirelessly work for an organisation they passionately believe in.”

However, YHA is far more than buildings. They are just the vehicle for getting people, especially disadvantaged young people, out and about to experience our countryside and historic cities, to taste a spirit of adventure that inspired me all those years ago. Over the past year we have made a positive difference to the lives of thousands of young people; many of them from backgrounds so very different from my own. Finally, I’d like to end on a personal note. Over my years on the Board and as both Vice Chairman and Chairman, I’ve met lots of people who I’ve been proud to show around our Youth Hostels. We’ve had politicians, celebrities and, on several occasions, our Patron, the Queen. But, for me, this is not what I will miss when I retire; it’s the ‘unsung heroes’ who make YHA what it is. So I want to thank the volunteers and the staff who tirelessly work for an organisation they passionately believe in. As you read this Impact Review, it’s my hope that you will catch something of the enthusiasm for YHA that runs through my veins and which has inspired me down the years.

Chris Darmon, YHA Chairman

2  Impact Review 2014/2015

Impact Review 2014/2015  3

Transforming young people’s lives YHA is a truly s