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technology and science, the core team at P3i is made .... and the worlds of engineering and computer science ..... BSc, PhD, DEng, FREng, FIChemE, CEng.
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NORTHUMBRIA UNIVERSITY’s P3i is a well equipped team of innovators investigating and demonstrating new Printable, Paintable, Programmable ‘intelligent’ material solutions [P3i] to address human centred needs or concerns


The P3i Studio-Lab is a creative interdisciplinary ‘design as research’ Interaction environment that explores future ways of living through design led materials and technology interrogation. D:STEM


Operating in the grey space between art, design, technology and science, the core team at P3i is made up of hybrid practitioners who inhabit new innovation methodologies through materials exploration. We pioneer product applications for future bodies, objects and spaces that currently stem from three thematic and integrated areas of Ambient, Supersense and BioExplore. A studio-lab in the design capital – London, a stone’s throw from Silicon roundabout – enables P3i to attract international collaborative researchers. P3i integrates engineering, biology, fashion and product design for academic and commercial longrange research. Our team co-habits to collectively create future products for anticipated lifestyles, addressing contemporary cultures in important areas of development – social, economic and environmental technology futures. Our research focuses on 10 years and beyond where we explore, invent, prototype and demonstrate physical, digital and biological applications offering vital insights through applied research to commercial opportunities. Our centre is design-led, needs-driven, technology anchored and solutions-focused. We believe that the Design STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) interaction approach is a critical and innovative route to elucidating answers to questions that will improve people’s lives through creative interventions in our material world.



our core values





5 Digital – physical design integration: the convergence of biology, polymers and electronics for polyvalent surfaces

Examining emerging future ways of living by identifying, interrogating and defining design issues

Taking design fiction into design fact: validation through making

Attracting international talent to evolve the new D:STEM craftsmen

Building product solutions from the molecule up: a platform for materials exploration and innovation






Biological atelier – biological systems as a design paradigm

Soft machines as hybrid ecosystems – a new paradigm for the design of human-centred material environments

From materiality to material experience: experimenting with the fundamental values of our material world – in body, on body,

Putting human needs first through solution-based design for a cogno- envirosocio- techno integrated world

Developing the Design:STEM non-disciplinary vocabulary and methodology accessible to all stakeholders



Examining emerging future ways of living by identifying, interrogating and defining design issues

UK plc has two outstanding pools of expertise, skills, experience and talent, which could contribute significantly to innovative product, process and experiential commercial platforms. First, there are world-leading academic expertise and infrastructure in advanced materials research, development and exploitation (R, D and E) from bio and biomedical materials through conductive polymeric materials to nanoscale, responsive and adaptive materials emerging from UK university departments in physics, chemistry, medicine, bioscience, materials science and engineering. Secondly, there are world-leading academic and practice-based design solutions and innovation from globally recognized applied design (architecture, product, graphic