Overnight Hike Checklist.cdr

Pillow, compressed or inflatable. Navigation. Map, laminated or protected in map case. Compass, oil filled. GPS device, if you have one. Notepad and pencil, for ...
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Overnight/Multi Day Kit Pack

Clothing (Sugges

Wicking base layer

Pack cover or internal liner

Wicking t-shirt/shirt

Stuff Sacks/Dry Bags (for clothing and perishables)

Trekking pants and/or shorts

Tent, hammock or bivvy, rated to expected condi ons Tent floor/footprint Tent poles and pegs Sleeping bag, rated to expected condi ons. Seal in plas c bag Sleeping pad Pillow, compressed or inflatable

Navigation Map, laminated or protected in map case Compass, oil filled GPS device, if you have one Notepad and pencil, for marking up maps

Don’t forget to let someone know your plans before you go.



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ons only, weather based)

Overnight Pack (50-70ltr)


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The following checklist is an overview of items you should consider. You will need to use your own judgement based on your des na on, dura on and expected climate.

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Wicking underwear Wicking socks Wicking leggings Fleece or down jacket Beanie or balaclava Broad brimmed hat Gloves

Rain/Water Protection Waterproof rain jacket Waterproof rain pants Waterproof gloves Gaiters

Footwear Hiking boots or shoes, sturdy and preferably water resistant Sandals, for around the campsite Water shoes, for river crossings



Cooking Backpacking stove Stove fuel, leak proof and clearly labelled Matches or lighter/flint, sealed in waterproof container Cookware set Dinnerware set Utensils

Snacks, high energy Water bo les and/or water bladder capable of carrying 2-3ltrs of water Water treatment system

Personal Items Hiking Poles, depending on expected condi ons

Dish soap, environmentally friendly

Watch (analog is best)

Sponge and small towel

Sunscreen, water resistant SPF 30+

Coffee maker


Personal locator beacon (PLB)

Toilet paper and trowel Compact torch (windup is a good idea) Spare ba eries

Mobile phone, but don't expect it to work in all areas

Small Towel

Survival bracelet (paracord)


First aid kit*


Survival kit**

Tooth brush

Pocket knife

Toiletry kit


Hand sani zer

Emergency Shelter, such as a space blanket

Insect repellant

Trip i nerary le with a friend *Refer to www.trailhiking.com.au/hike-safety/first-aid-kit/ **Refer to www.trailhiking.com.au/hike-safety/survival-kits/



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Meals, suggest 500 grams per person per day. Always take one extra day worth of food for emergencies

Extra water container, used wine/water cask bladder


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www.trailhiking.com.au Copyright C 2018 Darren Edwards

Zip lock bags Personal ID Permits, if required Cash, if required