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Jul 19, 2017 - ... Oxfam Water & Sanitation Engineering Advisor on Oxfam's cholera .... Station to re- broadcast radio spots on cholera response and health.
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Humanitarian Response Humanitarian Facts & Oxfam Response

Issue 45 19 July 2017 - Monthly


20.7 m in need of aid

15.7 m in need of WaSH 17.1 m Food insecure 2.9 m IDPs & returnees (Source: Clusters, OCHA April, 2017)

Women participating in the hygiene awareness sessions in Al-Shamayateen and Al-Ma’afer districts in Taiz governorate, June 2017.

Contact information of Oxfam humanitarian lead regarding this Situation Report: Country Director: Shane Stevenson

Deputy Country Director: Manzoor Ahmed


Humanitarian update: 

Between 27 April and 18 July 2017, a total of 362,545 suspected cholera/AWD cases and 1817 associated deaths have been reported.

U.N. humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien described the cholera outbreak in Yemen as a “man-made catastrophe” caused by the warring sides in the country’s civil war and their 1 international backer during a UNSC briefing on 12 July.

Five hundred thousand cholera vaccines destined for Yemen were suspended and will not be delivered to the country according to a decision made by the Yemeni authorities in consultation with UN technical teams. They concluded that potential problems and 2 risks to distribute the vaccine in war-torn Yemen might outweigh its benefit.

The Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan, appealing for US$2.1 billion, is funded to only 3 42% (as of 19 July).

http://www.unocha.org/sites/unocha/files/statement-andspeech/ERC_USG%20Stephen%20O%27Brien%20Statement%20on%20Yemen%20to%20SecCo%2012July2017%20%20FINAL.pdf 2 https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/11/world/middleeast/world-health-organization-cholera-vaccine-yemen.html 3 https://fts.unocha.org/countries/248/summary/2017

Advocacy update: 

An Oxfam press release was issued on 30 June highlighting the deteriorating situation with regard to cholera, and raising alarm about a possible increase with the rainy season. It also announced the shipment of 39 tonnes of emergency aid to Yemen by Oxfam GB for the beginning of July. The press release has been published in English and Arabic, particularly on social media.

A post together with a video was uploaded on Oxfam's Facebook page, reporting on the aid shipment coming from Oxford. It has been picked up by local Yemeni media.

On 14 June, the advocacy team posted a Facebook live interview with Shane Stevenson, Country Director of Oxfam in Yemen and Jenny Lamb, Oxfam Water & Sanitation Engineering Advisor on Oxfam’s cholera response in Yemen.

Given that fact that international media is not allowed to enter Yemen, the advocacy team commissioned a production company to visit two hospitals and record video material and photos to support the cholera press release (to be published on 20 July).

The advocacy team is working on a brief policy brief on cholera and related issues of food insecurity to be published by the end of July.

Gender: Under the “Women’s Access to Justice” (WAJ) project, our partner, the Yemen Women Union (YWU) has provided legal assistance to 30 women in 4 districts in Hodeida governorate, and conducted training for 120 women in leadership skills and conflict management aiming to empower women to take their role in Yemen. In June, the YWU also conducted the last of a series of roundtables with key women leaders to discuss the main barriers stopping women from accessing their rights and justice system. The YWU headquarter organized a meeting with policy makers and legal stakeholders’ representatives of state institutions including courts as part of WAJ dialogue activities. This meeting comes within the framework of monitoring the implementation of the project and discussing the problems facing its implementation, which will contribute to facilitating wo