Packing Event - Highlights

Microsoft SQL Database with all orders in the production. • Import from ... One source for all. Construction. Data generation. Planning. Format/. Edge. Cutting.
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Packing Event - Highlights From online sales to packing of furniture

Information and data flow POS Sales

CAD|CAM Planning


CutRite BOM

BOM CNC Drawings


ERP Order entry


Material management

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Optimization/ Nesting

ControllerMES DataConfigurator



Production Planning


Production Organization

Production Data

Production Control

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ControllerMES at a glace Saw/ Nesting


- Batch Sizing - Optimization - Routing

Stock Management - Boards - Offcuts

- Quality check - Identifying def. parts



- Data Generation - Edge preview




8 Shipping Control - Commissioning - Completeness - RFID

4 5

Logistics - Packaging units - Accessory Picking - Component-Supply 7



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Sorting & Kitting - Presorting for assembly - Allocation

CNC/ Drilling - On-demand supply of data - Operator Assistance

Process Control - Monitoring - Data Collection - Data evaluation Hendrik Albers Ι 18.05.2017

ProductionCONTROL Dashboard 

The dashboard enables transparency in the production

Clear, comprehensible, comparable, up-to-date information is presented uniform and transparent ▪ Current status and target achievement of a workplace or production at a glance

▪ Dashboard production ▪ Overview of the KPI of production ▪ Dashboard work center ▪ Overview of the KPI of the workplace


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ProductionORGANIZATION Reproduction and quality control 

Identifying damaged parts on the shop floor  E.g. by scanner or mobile device

Automated creation of reproduction orders 

Feedback to ERP or other systems 


Integrated in normal batches or separately (prioritized)

Material requirements resulting from the reproduction may be reported to the ERP

Statistics and evaluation  Reason, point in time and occurrence

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ProductionORGANIZATION Information terminal – worker information system ▪ Paperless production ▪ On demand information ▪ Provided per workplace and workstep ▪ Digitalization of (manual) work places ▪ Order information ▪ Part Information

▪ Drawings ▪ Machine program ▪ Production order progress ▪ Information actuality


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Concept – why and where do we need sorting

• Achieving best efficiency in the production requires mixing parts on the machines

• Finding and sorting the parts after machining costs a lot of time • Sorting requires more space • Damaging parts while sorting • Pre-printing of papers, labels, warranty and assembly instructions • Multiple languages required • Skilled people required

MOS Sorter – hardware and structure

• Flexible for every customer – easy configuration

• Horizontal and vertical parts • Pallets and carts • Light indications – RGB LED • Scalable – hardware and software

MOS Sorter – software features

• Multi-language

• Automated printing • Automatic measurement of all parts in a package and selection of a box or pallet • Horizontal and vertical control • Microsoft SQL Database with all orders in