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Pakistan Steels

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Boon for Local Manufacturers

 Steel sector has attracted attention as of late due to industry wide activity led by infrastructure spending and CPEC related construction activity.

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Friday December 09, 2016



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Source: PSX, BMA Research

 International steel prices have been on the rise due to production cut in China and trade protectionist policies by Chinese steel importers.  Local steel manufacturers can now compete on an even footing with Chinese imports after increase in regulatory duty.  NTC's likely imposition of anti-dumping duties would likely spark interest in steel sector scrips going forward.  Prime beneficiaries of aforesaid duties will be ASTL and ISL due to improved sales, while MUGHAL will be negatively hit if it continues to import billets as raw material. Steel sector has outperformed the benchmark index by 60%CYTD ranking among the top performing sectors of the year. It has been in the limelight due to infrastructure spending as a result of improved macroeconomic scenario and CPEC related activity. There have been recent changes which affect the sector's dynamics.

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Source: PSX, BMA Research

Moves by Affectees: Like Pakistan, many of China’s export markets have taken action against dumping of steel by imposing anti-dumping and countervailing duties. Earlier this year, steel manufacturers made a platform under OECD to rationalize the steel industry and force China to cut down production; Chinese steel export briefly fell during 2QCY16 lending support to prices, however the same could not be sustained - China's steel exports during 10MCY16 have remained at similar levels seen in the same period last year. CY16TD, international CRC prices are up 62.5% while Re-bar prices are up 57.6%; Steel prices are expected to continue their upward trend amid ongoing winter season curtailing Chinese production. Boon for local manufacturers: Local re-bar prices have increased by PKR2k - 4k/ton amid increasing international prices. Moreover, increase in regulatory duty earlier this year has lent support to local manufacturers who can compete on an equal footing with imports. As per channel checks, local CRC prices, currently at PKR~66k/ton, are ~10.8% lower than import prices of CRC (at ~PKR74k/ton). For re-bars, local prices are currently at ~PKR72k 73k/ton, lower compared to imported re-bar which is available at ~PKR80k - 82k/ton, thanks to increase in RD. Price difference in favor of local manufacturers will likely result in better volumes for them going forward. Upcoming rulings by National Tariff Commission: A number of cases are pending with NTC pertaining to dumping of select steel products, namely Billets, Re-bar and Galvanized Coils, by China in the local market. It is highly likely that anti-dumping duty will be imposed on the aforesaid products considering that the provisional determination has ascertained injury to domestic industry. Imposition of anti-dumping duty would help prop up sales of ASTL and ISL, but there exists a tradeoff between increasing price or volume: Every 1% change in price will have PKR0.2 (6.6%) and PKR0.3 (11.5%) EPS impact on ASTL and ISL, respectively; every 5% change in volume will have a PKR4.5 (4.6%) and PKR2.8( 5.0%) EPS impact on the two, respectively.