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The deadline for applications for panel members is Monday 17th October,. 12 Noon. ... of 2012, and key partnerships with Disability Arts Online, Southbank Centre and Tramway will ... The selection panels will meet over one day each. You will ...
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Panel Pack Unlimited is recruiting independent panel members for three selection panels:   

Main awards (for established artists) International awards (for established artists working collaboratively with overseas partners) Emerging artist awards

This is an information pack for prospective Unlimited Panel members. It contains background information on the Commissioning Programme and details on the requirements of the role. We are recruiting 15 new panel members – 5 for each panel - to help select the next round of commissions alongside representatives from the funding bodies and key partners. No one from the core Unlimited delivery team can vote on the selection of work. By having 5 independent members for each panel we ensure that decision making is fair and transparent. This is a great opportunity to diversify our selection panels, whilst ensuring that disabled people remain in the majority across all our decision-making processes. Our aim is to make sure that a wide range of perspectives are represented. Shape and Artsadmin work to the social model of disability and Unlimited is committed to equality and diversity in all aspects of its programme and operation. The deadline for applications for panel members is Monday 17th October, 12 Noon.

About Unlimited Unlimited exists to promote high quality art by disabled artists and companies, challenging negative perceptions and attracting new cultural audiences. Unlimited stands for creativity, ambition, quality, diversity and equality – values that can be seen across everything the programme does and funds. Unlimited was at the heart of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, celebrating the work of disabled artists on an unprecedented scale. Shape Arts and Artsadmin, along with Senior Producer Jo Verrent, were successful in securing a further award from Arts Council England of £1.8 million to act as national delivery partners for the next phase of Unlimited commissions from 2016-20. Additional support is provided from Arts Council Wales, British Council, Spirit of 2012, and key partnerships with Disability Arts Online, Southbank Centre and Tramway will continue.

Our key messages and values Unlimited is a commissions programme designed to make change in the cultural sector. We have four key messages that we aim to deliver:    

Embedding disabled artists throughout the cultural sector Ambitious art by ambitious artists Highly artistic and creative work celebrating diversity - “must see” not “should see” Disabled people as creative leaders (a shift in self and social perception)

Our values are creativity, ambition, quality, diversity and equality.

Commissions Criteria Unlimited is funded through strategic funds by ACE. Some of the commission strands have additional funding from other sources. We are accepting applications from disabled artists based in the following countries:  

Main Commissions (England); Main R&D awards (England and Wales) International Commissions (Lead Artists England and Wales in collaboration with disabled artists living internationally)

Emerging Artists (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)

For all awards our criteria is as follows:    

Disability-led Quality, innovation and ambition Artist/producer relationship planned or developed Collaborations and partnerships (including with non-disability led companies/ artists/producers) planned or developed

For the Main commissions and International Collaborations we have additional criteria:  Flexibility/adaptability to ensure works engage with a range of venue sizes/scales  Strong track record of creating work and reaching audiences  For Main and International Commissions you will need to evidence a strong artist/producer relationship and strong collaborations and partnerships (these can include those with non-disabled led companies/artists/producers) We will be looking to support a range of work – in relation to artform, sc