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Nov 3, 2016 - Product will be SD solution(s) for approval and an Estimate of ... combined Design Development and Construction Documents (DD/CD) Phase.
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PARKING LOT RENOVATION Scheible & Associates, LLC, acting as Owner’s Representative and on behalf of its client, the North Rosedale Park Civic Association (NRPCA) of Detroit, MI, hereinafter referred to as “Owner”, is requesting statements of qualification and proposals for providing professional A/E Services for: Parking Lot Renovations at the NRPCA Community House which is located at 18445 Scarsdale Road, Detroit, MI 48223. Firms possessing the qualifications and interest in providing these services shall submit a response – two (2) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy, on or before 2:00PM, local time, Thursday, 3 November 2016. Thereafter, the responses will be evaluated, interviews scheduled and a firm selected. Hard copy responses shall be submitted in sealed envelopes clearly marked “Sealed A/E Services Proposal, Parking Lot Renovation at the NRPCA Community House”. Proposals may be hand delivered or sent via USPS or delivery service to NRPCA, 18445 Scarsdale Road, Detroit, MI 48223. Electronic copy shall be submitted to [email protected] Background Information: North Rosedale Park, located in NW Detroit, has long been acknowledged as one of the premier neighborhoods in the city. Originally developed in 1923, it is comprised of approximately 1700 homes and includes a 7 acre park on which a Community House was constructed in 1939. The NRPCA embarked on an ambitious project to renovate its Community House and Grounds. A Master Plan was developed, Phase I and a Reroofing Project have been completed. Attached is a copy of the Master Plan for reference. Candidates are encouraged to visit the site to become familiar with the project and confirm such site visit in its Proposal. However, a formal walk-through WILL NOT be scheduled due to time limitations. General Scope of Work: NRPCA conducted a Capital Campaign to fund project costs including design and construction. The Total Project Budget is $125,000 which is funded by two (2) grants – a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant from the City of Detroit and a Michigan Council for the Arts & Cultural Affairs (MCACA) grant. Once selected, the A/E will proceed to meet with the Owner’s Committee on at least two occasions – the Schematic Design (SD) Phase. The Work Product will be SD solution(s) for approval and an Estimate of Probable Project Cost. Once the SD is approved by a Committee, established to work with the A/E and the NRPCA Board of Directors, the A/E will proceed to complete a combined Design Development and Construction Documents (DD/CD) Phase. Professional Services during Bidding and Construction Administration will also be required, but on an as-needed basis. Page 1 of 2

It is important that the A/E have an understanding of both Federal and City CDBG Program requirements, as well as the Detroit Water and Sewer Department’s (DWSD) protocol for calculating credits for Storm Water disposal. It is NRPCA’s intent that the renovated parking lot not only be aesthetic and functional but also incorporate alternative storm water disposal technologies through the use of bio-swales, permeable paving and etc. Proposal Content: Responsive proposals shall include the following which, for consistency and ease of evaluation, shall be presented in the following sequence: 1. The firm’s legal name, address, telephone number and principal contact email address, 2. The principal of the firm who will be directly involved in the project including his/her experience and qualifications, 3. The experience, qualifications and assigned roles of any and all staff assigned to the project, 4. The experience, qualifications and assigned roles of any consultants and staff chosen by the A/E firm to be part of the team and, thereby, enhance its in-house capabilities, 5. A list of active certifications maintained by the firm as may be issued by the Federal Government, State of Michigan, City of Detroit or other organization including those related to