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17 - Sin Tet Maw IDP Camp (estimated 3,000 residents). Issue. Status. ➢ SECURITY: no incidents reported. ➢ WASH: Concerns over shortage of drinking water ...
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Weekly Record of Information from DRC program locations in Rakhine State  EDUCATION: UNICEF TLS is running regularly and government TLS enrolled students for new school year. No school kits provided. UNICEF held a meeting to discuss TLS renovation.  PROTECTION: DRC conducted meeting with Women’s groups, IPA identification. Main protection concerns focused around lack of provision of health services in the camp, concerns over access to quality WASH and Education activities. IPAs distributed to monthly caseload of most vulnerable.  NUTRITION: No Reported Update.  CHILD PROTECTION: CFSs fully operational, no updates.

26-30 May 2014

-Concerns re: health, WASH, and Education shared with respective agencies/Clusters. DRC Protection to follow up raised concerns.

14 - Dar Paing Village 

No updates.

15 - Zaw Bu Gyar Village (estimated 340 residents)

Issue 

Status No updates.

16 - Sat Yoe Kya camp (estimated 3002 residents)



 No updates.

Pauktaw Township 17 - Sin Tet Maw IDP Camp (estimated 3,000 residents)

Issue  

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Status SECURITY: no incidents reported. WASH: Concerns over shortage of drinking water were addressed by SCI building a new well in the village for the exclusive use of IDPs (agreed with the village leader) and installing a tank in the camp which distributes water with 6 taps, providing 10,000L of water every day, not fully used. IDPs still report shortage of drinking water. HEALTH: MoH clinic did not come this week. Currently reported 3 persons suffering from conditions which require medical referral to hospital (hematemesis, bleeding and infection, appendicitis) but refuse to go to Sittwe hospital due to fear. Widespread skin rash and abscesses reported due to hot season, lack of treatment. DEATH4: no deaths reported. FOOD: No updates. PROTECTION: No updates re: 19 HHs recently arrived from Myebon camp with reportedly no access to aid. In a FGD with women main concerns were raised in relation to health and drinking water access. CENSUS: no updates. CAMP MANAGEMENT / SHELTER: No update re: lack of shelter for the 19 Myebon IDP HHs. NUTRITION: no updates. EDUCATION: School materials distributed to children by SCI. SHELTER: High number of shelters and community structures (kitchens) damaged. CHILD PROTECTION: Regular activities ongoing; no updates. NON-FOOD ITEM: ICRC distributed tokens/cards ahead of planned charcoal

-Case registered and being addressed by Protection. DRC, SCI and UNHCR are coordinating for follow up.

-Information shared with SCI Nutrition for verification.

Reported deaths are recorded by DRC on behalf of CCCM Cluster to be shared with Health Cluster for further analysis. Page 5 of 7

Weekly Record of Information from DRC program locations in Rakhine State

26-30 May 2014

distribution. 18 - Sin Tet Maw Village (estimated 3,700 residents)

Issue 

Status No updates.

19 - Ah Htet Ywar Village 

No updates.

20 - Baw Da Li Village (estimated 900 residents) 

PROTECTION: Completed construction of mortuary hall and road repair as part of community protection assistance.

21 - Ah Nauk Ywe IDP Camp (estimated 3,900 residents)

Issue 

    

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Status SECURITY: Reported disturbances due to rejection by IDPs of current camp-based SI staff; IDPs demand rotation of jobs and sharing of salaries with the poorest families; physical threats to SI staff. CAMP MANAGEMENT / SHELTER: No update re: shortage of shelter as approx. 223 IDPs arrived from Sittwe camps and currently staying with friends and family. WASH: Delivery of water suspended on Friday due to resistance from IDPs and threats made against SI staff. HEALTH: No clinic this week.