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Mar 15, 2018 - 8 test probes and a new high speed “lights out” automation for unrivaled throughput. atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH. Zum Schlag 3 • 97877 Wertheim • Germany. Phone +49-9342-291-0 • Fax +49-9342-395 10 [email protected] • www.atg-lm.com. Unrivaled Test Speed with Full Automation. Highlights:.
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New Technology


No doubt, new technology seems to be launching daily, from inspection systems to photoresist processes. How can we keep up? How can we even maintain? What’s coming next and how can we best prepare, to stay in the game? This month, our experts give us a heads up on new technology: where we’re at and where on Earth we are going.


The March of Disruptive Technologies


GreenSource: Good for the Industry, Good for the World

by Dan Feinberg

by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team


Elga Europe Reality and Ultra-High-Resolution Photoresist Interview with Giorgio Favini



Schmid Looks to the Future for Industry 4.0 and More Interview with Rüdiger Lange



FEATURE COLUMNS: AVI—Your Tireless Friend in Final Inspection


What’s New?


Something New for Everyone

by Todd Kolmodin by Marc Ladle by Tara Dunn





The Direction of New Technology by Patty Goldman

70 Pits and Mouse Bites, Part 3 by Michael Carano

76 76 The Rebirth of Made in America by Steve Williams

SHORTS: 10 Exclusive Coverage: IPC APEX EXPO 2018

56 Novel 3D Printing Method Embeds Sensing Capabilities within Robotic Actuators


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Supply Line Markets MilAero Top 10 from PCB007

66 European Investments in Technologies

Enabling Smart City Initiatives to Reach $19 Billion in 2018

74 Scientists Pave the Way for Resilient Robot Swarms



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The Direction of New Technology Patty’s Perspective

by Patty Goldman, I-CONNECT007 I don’t have to tell you that things are changing fast in our industry. New tech seems to launch daily these days. How can we keep up? How can we even maintain? What’s coming next and how can we best prepare, in order to stay in the game? Fundamentally, what does all this gadgetry rely on at its core? Obviously, PCBs in one form or another. Faster, smaller, finer features for more memory, more capability, more, more, more—all of which affects us when making PCBs. Remember when 5 mil lines and spaces were the latest? When laser imaging was barely imaginable? Yeah, those memories are long gone. But that’s what we all love and what keeps us going in this industry: the challenge to make it happen, to make that incredibly complicated board that two years ago you would have thought impossible. We’re talking new technology this month, to help you understand the ever-increasing, ever-more complicated requirements from your customers. Read about some of the latest here and remember: You can do it! Our first article this month is by that guru of the latest in electronics tech, Dan Feinberg. You probably read his recent articles on the CE