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Apr 21, 2015 - www.facebook.com/HKDIPEEC. Enquiry 3928 2777. 視覺特效 ... Suitable for professionals in advertising, marketing, branding, design or anyone ... ‧Effective management of the film project, from initiation, planning, monitoring ...
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視覺特效設計專業文憑 (270小時) Professional Diploma in Visual Effects Design Lecture by well-known Post Production Office (PO朝霆), leading professional post-production company in the region

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From creative idea development, storyboard design, professional shooting, digital compositing to visual effects post-production, this course has what you’re looking for film production and visual effects! Suitable for professionals in advertising, marketing, branding, design or anyone who is interested in the production of film and video post-production. Sponsored by

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More information: http://postproductionoffice.com/

Enquiry 3928 2777 Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) 3 King Ling Road, Tiu Keng Leng, Tseung Kwan O, NT, HK (Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station Exit A2)

[email protected] www.hkdi.edu.hk/peec www.facebook.com/HKDIPEEC

Stage 2: Professional Certificate in Film Compositing (90 hours) Applying digital compositing and VFX cinematography production skills to create professional film Module 1: Visual Effects Compositing (30 hours) ‧Analysis of visual effects design and rules of film visual effects ‧Professional compositing effects by integrating computer graphics, Chroma key footage and live-action footage ‧Research and analysis of the visual effect, de-construct and replicate selected special effects from production LO Pui Yan, CHONG Kin Ngai, KWONG Hei Kin, LAU Fu Ka Ming, LUK Ho Tin, LAI Ming Fai, LI Kin Yee, HUI Chit Yan

About film and video industry in Hong Kong Hong Kong has one of the largest and most dynamic film entertainment industries in the world. As one of the world's largest film and television content exporters, Hong Kong has captured a fair share of the markets of Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The film and video industry is the flagship of the creative industries in Hong Kong, according to the CEPA, post production of the Mainland-produced films is allowed to be processed in Hong Kong. This policy contributes significantly to the development of film and video industry in Hong Kong . The design or media professionals may need to acquire the knowledge of film and television visual effects production for career advancement.

Course Strengths ‧ QF Level 4 course, widely recognized by HK Government and employers ‧ Lecture by a team of professionals ‧ Professional workshop and equipment at HKDI studio ‧ Apprenticeship opportunity at Post Production Office

Expected outcomes upon course completion ‧ Design and execute film or video visual effects projects through research and analysis, shooting, editing, post-production to professional presentation ‧ Apply film and television post-production knowledge and skills for the creation of different visual effects ‧ Presentation of professional portfolio of different visual effects design and production

Programme Structure Stage 1: Professional Certificate in Film Production (90 hours)

Module 2: Digital Scene Compositing Design (30 hours) ‧Methodologies and considerations of aesthetic design of props and scenes ‧Creation of digital prop and scene design by using computer software ‧Advanced usage of compositing to create realistic scene design Module 3: VFX Cinematography (30 hours) ‧Camera and lighting knowledge of VFX shooting ‧Application of production techniques for Chroma key shooting ‧Features and specifications of the cinematography equipment include 2K, 4K and 3D camera Start Date Time Application Deadline

5 May 2015 Tue & Fri (7-10pm) 21 Apr 2015

Stage 3: Professional Certificate in Advanced Visual Effects Design (90 hours) Applying advanced visual effects and 3D rendering to complete self-directed film making project Module 1: Advanced Compositing (45 hours) ‧Integration of different sources for visual effects production ‧Advanced visual effects and 3D rendering ‧Evaluation of workflow for various film postproduction requirement e.g. 2K, 4K and stereoscopic production