Perfect Breakfast Promotion Official Rules

During the Submission Period you can enter by taking a photo of your Best Bacon ... Internet access) and may appear on your mobile phone bill or be deducted ...
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Perfect  Breakfast  Promotion   Official  Rules     NO   PURCHASE   OR   PAYMENT   NECESSARY.   A   PURCHASE   OR   PAYMENT   OF   ANY   KIND   WILL   NOT   INCREASE  YOUR  CHANCES  OF  WINNING.     1.  Eligibility   Perfect  Breakfast  Promotion  (the  “Promotion”)  is  open  only  to  legal  residents  of  the  fifty  (50)  United   States   (including   District   of   Columbia)   who   are   at   least   eighteen   (18)   years   old   at   the   time   of   entry.   Void  where  prohibited  by  law.  Employees  of  Allstar  Products  Group  or  any  of  its  respective  affiliates,   subsidiaries,   advertising   agencies,   or   any   other   company   or   individual   involved   with   the   design,   production  execution  or  distribution  of  the  Promotion  and  their  immediate  family  (spouse,  parents  and   step-­‐parents,   siblings   and   step-­‐siblings,   and   children   and   step-­‐children)   and   household   members   (people   who   share   the   same   residence   at   least   three   (3)   months   out   of   the   year)   of   each   such   employee  are  not  eligible.  The  Promotion  is  subject  to  all  applicable  federal,  state  and  local  laws  and   regulations.  Participation  constitutes  entrant’s  full  and  unconditional  agreement  to  these  Official  Rules   and  Sponsor’s  decisions,  which  are  final  and  binding  in  all  matters  related  to  the  Promotion.     2.  Sponsor   Allstar  Products  Group,  2  Skyline  Drive,  Hawthorne,  NY  10532.     3.  Submission  Period   The  Promotion  begins  on  May  12,  2014  at  12:01  a.m.  Eastern  Time  (“ET”)  and  ends  on  May  26,  2014  at   11:59   p.m.   ET   (the   “Submission   Period”)   Sponsor’s   computer   is   the   official   time   keeping   device   for   this   Promotion.     4.  How  to  Enter   During   the   Submission   Period   you   can   enter   by   taking   a   photo   of   your   Best   Bacon   recipe   with   the   hastage  #winwithbaconbowl  (the  “Photo”).  There  are  two  ways  to  submit  the  Photo:   i. Submit  the  Photo  on  Perfect  Bacon  Bowl’s  Instagram  Page  at   or  through  the  Instagram  Application.  When  you  submit  the  Photo  it  must  contain  the  hashtag   #winwithbaconbowl  and  @PerfectBaconBowl.  To  enter  via  Instagram,  you  must  follow  Perfect   Bacon  Bowl  (@PerfectBaconBowl)  on  Instagram.   ii. Send  a  tweet  with  the  Photo  containing  the  hashtag  #winwithbaconbowl  and  @PerfBaconBowl.   To  enter  via  Twitter,  you  must  follow  Perfect  Bacon  Bowl  (@PerfBaconBowl)  on  Twitter.   To  be  eligible  for  the  Promotion,  Photos  must  be  submitted  in  compliance  with  the  format  and  other   requirements  set  forth  on  the  website  where  persons  may  submit  entries/photos  (that  is,  Instagram  or   Twitter,  as  applicable);  such  requirements  being  made  a  part  of  these  Official  Rules  and  incorporated   herein  by  reference.     Limit   one   (1)   entry   per   person   per   day   per   method   of   entry   (Instagram   and   Twitter)   during   the   Submission   Period.   Multiple   entries   and/or   mass   entry   attempts   will   result   in   disqualification   of   all   entries   by   such   person/email   address/Instagram/Twitter   account.   Entries   must   be   manually   key-­‐ stroked   by   the   entrant;   use   of   automated   entry   devices   or   programs,   or   entries   by   third   parties   by   any   2623427-1

method  of  entry,  are  prohibited.  Entries  that  do  not  conform  to  or  that  violate  these  Official  Rules  or   are  submitted  in  any  manner  other  than  stated  in  these  Official  Rules  will  be  disqualified.  Sponsor  will   not  be  responsible  for  late,  lost,  incomplete  or  misdirected  entries.  Proof  of  submission  of  entry  does   not   constitute   proof   of   receipt   of   same.   All   entries   must   be   posted   on   Instagram   or   submitted   via   “tweet”   on   Twitter   in   their