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Consumers demand smartphones and other functional touch ... Our global manufacturing and product development capabilities ensure that coatings can be ...
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Performance and aesthetics on the go

Electronic Materials Coatings for Electronic Devices and Touch Displays

Electronic Materials Coatings Electronic Devices and Touch Displays

A full product line of decorative, optical and conductive coatings and inks Consumers demand smartphones and other functional touch devices that last long, look good and perform dependably. That is why the best-known consumer electronics manufacturers in the world trust coatings from PPG. Combining industry-leading technical innovation with cuttingedge color formulation and styling expertise, PPG offers global OEMs integrated, one-stop solutions for many components on a touch device, including: • A broad product line of transparent anti-smudge (AS), anti-glare (AG), low-reflective (LR) and anti-reflective (AR) optical nano-coatings for glass and UV-grade hard coatings for various plastic substrates • Soft-touch coatings for velvet-smooth computer and smartphone keypads, including a new coating engineered specifically to resist the staining of primed white plastic and mixed-metal device surfaces • Conductive coatings for a wide variety of printed circuitry, EMC shielding protection and other valueadded electronic performance • Vacuum metalizing coatings to enhance the beauty and protection of metal, plastic and composite device casings • UV-curable transparent coatings for outstanding scratch resistance and optical clarity for mobile phones, touchscreens and other electronics • Electrocoats with high transfer efficiency and production yield rates for enhanced sustainability

PPG-coated components for touchscreen devices PPG coatings can enhance and protect almost every surface of your touchscreen device.

Cover Lens


Touch Sensor


HighDefinition Display

Fingerprint Sensor



Frame Bezel


Back Cover / Battery Cover


Recommended PPG Coatings

1. Cover Lens

Coatings for both glass and plastic substrates

Top Surface

Anti-smudge (AS) and/or anti-fingerprint (AF) coatings Anti-glare (AG) and/or anti-reflective (AR) or sapphire-like (SL) coatings for glass and plastic substrates

Bottom Surface

Anti-glare (AG) and/or anti-reflective (AR) or sapphire-like (SL) coatings Bezel masking ink

2. Touch Sensor

ITO alternative coatings / film and printable conductive bus bar inks

3. Fingerprint Sensor

Good metallic effect that harmonizes with anodizing colors Excellent heat resistance for welding process

4. Frame Bezel

Colorful, non-conductive vacuum metalization (NCVM) UV and polyurethane system High-metallic / chrome-effect UV and polyurethane system reduces cost and cycle time of NCVM system

5. Back Cover / Battery Cover A wide range of coatings for metal, ceramic, plastic or glass substrates


Diversified, tactile, soft-touch coatings UV-grade transparent coatings with excellent levelling and abrasion resistance Anti-graffiti, low / matte-gloss UV clearcoats Excellent UV and polyurethane system can pass vibration testing


Conductive heat-transfer antenna technology EMI shielding coatings

Customer-driven innovation PPG has a long history of working collaboratively with the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers. Through its SECURE LAUNCH® Process, color expertise, and global research and product development centers, PPG continually engages with customers to create innovative coatings, drive color and design trends, and accelerate the introduction of new products to market.

A global partner PPG is a preeminent supplier of coatings solutions. Through global leadership in innovation, sustainability and color, we help customers in the automotive, aerospace, industrial and co