Pete'n'Bree Newsletter - Winter 2012

plan events such as the Duck Tape & Cardboard Medieval Games and the Represent Event, as ... Pete is always kicking a soccer ball around. He even had the ...
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Winter 2012 Newsletter Missionaries-in-training with a heart for Missionary Kids

OPPORTUNITIES... Intro: What a great fall it has been in Wisconsin! We have enjoyed above average temperatures all the way through early January! (Bree’s been praying very hard!) This last semester has been great. Bree and I have enjoyed yet another full lineup of classes and experiences at New Tribes Bible Institute. This year, we’ve been given the opportunity to serve on the NTBI Student Leadership Team and were placed in the campus event and athletic departments. We helped plan events such as the Duck Tape & Cardboard Medieval Games and the Represent Event, as well as the sports programs (check out our blog posts on the events). In our free time Bree has loved being artsy and crafty. She has learned crocheting, sewing, and crafting while continuing in her photography and art. Her blog is at Pete is always kicking a soccer ball around. He even had the chance to play on the school soccer team that traveled to Michigan to take on the NTBI sister campus - he even scored two goals! We are very excited for our last semester this spring. We will be finishing out our time at the bible school and enjoying the graduation events in May. An especially exciting addition to this last semester is the fact that Bree’s brother Sean has arrived here in Wisconsin and will be starting his freshman semester! We could not be more happy to be living local to Sean... even if it’s only for a few months!

Ministry Update: During this last semester, we were approached by two different New Tribes Mission (NTM) teams who shared with us long-term MK ministry opportunities within NTM! This is an extremely exciting development because Bree and I have felt very strongly that we would like to partner with New Tribes. With our heart for MKs, ultimately we have a passion to see the unreached people groups in the world receive the gospel in their own language. By partnering with NTM, we would be apart of that effort as we help support the missionary kids of the families who serve overseas! This is a process that truly takes a team. Both opportunities would be based in the United States and would involved helping to develop the ministry to NTM’s missionary kids who are going through the transition back into their passport countries. They are fantastic opportunities that we feel would fit us well. The next steps for us will be to attend the last phase of New Tribes Training at the facility in Missouri. The training will take about one year. With that said, after graduation in May, we are planning on taking a few months to do support raising and reconnecting with our home church family prior to heading to Missouri. We are also praying about an opportunity to go to Papua New Guinea in October with Hume Lake International to help run MK spiritual emphasis camps for a few weeks. (see next article for more details)


Ministry Moment: PAPUA NEW GUINEA!

Where is "home" for you? Even though I have been living in the states for over 5 years now... I still consider Venezuela my home. It’s my territory and I've lived there for 19 years.

We have been given the open door to go with Hume Lake International to Papua New Guinea for a few weeks next October to help run Hume Lake style camps for MKs in the country. This is an opportunity in which we are strongly considering and praying about. The trip would:

What is your favorite memory from childhood? Even though I have tons of great memories of playing soccer and going on fishing and hunting trips with my Indians friends, my favorite childhood memory is going over to my grandpa's house and having coffee with the whole family (cousins, aunts, uncles and friends). We would get together and talk about things that where going on in the village and how God was working in each others lives.

1) Give us invaluable experience working with MKs living overseas. 2) Would help us to build relationships with MKs who we will hopefully see down the road as they transition back to the states after they graduate High School. 3) Allow Peter the chance to see and experience Bree’s childhood “homeland” that plays a major role in her life. 4) There is a possibility that this would allow us to work hand-in-hand with Bree’s parents who are considering helping with the camps as well. 5) Our timing would be perfect as we will be between trainings and available to go without postponing our progress through NTM’s training.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years, my wife and I hope to become missionaries and return to Venezuela (Lord Willing) to bring the gospel to an unreached people group living in the Amazon.

Connect with us:!!

With all the great benefits to the trip, we do feel we need to take time to think through and pray throughly as we will be right in the middle of fundraising for our training and ministry with New Tribes. The cost for Bree and I to go would be around $6000-$7000. Please pray for us as we consider and look to the Lord for His will and guidance.

Their are so many ways to connect with us and we would love to hear from you! E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 925.960.5219 Address: 915 North Hartwell Ave Waukesha, WI 53186 Website & Blog:

Prayer and Praise: Our Praise Reports… •

We had a great Christmas break which included a quick trip to California for Peter!

God has continued to faithfully provide for us while strengthening our faith!

Our Prayer Requests… •

Please pray for wisdom as we look to the Lord to prepare for our next steps in ministry after we graduate in May.

Please pray for wisdom as we consider joining the Hume Lake International team heading to Papua New Guinea in October.

Scan with your phone!

Please pray as we continue to build our team and raise support.

Please pray for the MK Retreat in Indiana in January. We are taking 30 MKs from NTBI and there will be 200+ MKs coming in total.

Please pray for relationships building with MK’s this next semester.