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meet your unique financial goals. ... With the help of our customers, Busey's social media campaigns generated nearly $8,000 in 2012, in addition to the.
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Retirement is Coming: A Seminar Series Busey Wealth Management offers clients the expertise necessary to develop a retirement plan to help you meet your unique financial goals. Retirement choices, however, can sometimes seem overwhelming or intimidating. That is why the Pillar Club has partnered with Busey Wealth Management to offer introductions to some top of mind retirement topics for Busey customers. Beginning this April, we will be offering a seminar each quarter to Busey Wealth Management customers and Pillar Club members—seminars exploring the retirement topics most relevant today. Over the course of the next year, we will discuss topics like: Savvy Social Security planning. Offered mid-April in Bloomington, the retirement experts at Busey discuss key factors surrounding when and how to draw your Social Security benefits. Choosing your retirement date. Determining the date you can retire safely is complex, involving your current and expected spending needs, among other issues. Let our Busey experts help you answer this critical question.

Do you have enough to retire? For many potential retirees, the answer is not clear. Many have not even asked the question! Our retirement experts can help start this conversation. Other topics as announced. Stay tuned to the Pillar Club newsletter for more. Whether your retirement is approaching or many years away, you need solutions tailored to your unique situation. Busey Wealth Management advisors help to identify your objectives, design a game plan to achieve your goals and implement a program that fits your needs. Our professionals partner with you to maximize the potential of the wealth you have earned—whether you need assistance with retirement planning or advice on investment management, trusts or estate advice. No matter your needs, our advisors can assist you in making smart financial planning decisions— every step of the way.

If you, members of your family or your employees are interested in attending the above seminars, please contact our Pillar Club Director Mary Beth Kurasek today to sign up or request more information. Mary Beth can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 217.351.6541 or 800.672.8739 option seven, then option four.

Working in Our Communities At Busey, we live our promise through our commitment and dedication to improving the quality of life in our communities. Through volunteerism, we’re able to help others in need, form meaningful relationships with our neighbors, and make a lasting impact for future generations. As we reaffirm our ongoing commitment to community engagement with Community Promise Week—see details below—we asked some of our Busey Wealth Management associates to share how volunteering has impacted their lives.

Blake Wallace Personal Banker

Sharon Law Vice President, Private Client Manager

I have always been passionate about community involvement and volunteering. Since 2009, I have supported Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Illinois as a Big Brother, and more recently as a board member. Not only have I been privileged to help behind the scenes, I also get to witness the fruits of our labor whenever I spend time with my Little Brother.

I have learned that many young people don’t need much more than a consistent positive presence and someone they can have fun with every now and then. Being that presence for someone feels tremendous. In the almost four years I have been paired with my Little Brother, he has completely come out of his shell—his grades, behavior and outlook have all improved. There is no greater feeling than being a part of something bigger than yourself.

I can still see him sitting in his chair—giving us directions on how to use his tools, sand and stain. He needed the cradles finished as they were gifts for little girls whose families couldn’t afford Christmas. My