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there is on Pinterest. 4. Create at least a few boards, rather than maintaining one devoted to one topic. 5. Don't use a logo in your profile - go with a head shot. 6.
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1. If Pinning for your brand, make sure your pinning like a regular user. 2. Use various sources for your pinning (rather than one specific site). 3. Re-pinning from within the site is one of the most social activities there is on Pinterest. 4. Create at least a few boards, rather than maintaining one devoted to one topic. 5. Don't use a logo in your profile - go with a head shot. 6. Add links to all your social networks in the profile. 7. Find Pinterest followers searching your Twitter and Facebook lists. 8. Use creative pin titles. 9. Use keywords in the pin's description 10. You can tag other users with the @ symbol 11. Use fun names for your boards. 12. Pin images from clients 13. Add watermarks to brand your images. 14. Have company sponsored contests on Pinterest: Scavenger hunts, most re-pins, image competition etc... 15. Check out what your competition is doing on Pinterest. 16. Do keyword searches for terms you want to rank for. See what others are doing to rank for those terms.

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17. Make sure you have analytics on your business or money site, so you can judge how much traffic is coming from Pinterest. 18. Embed the pin-it badge on your site. 19. Pinterest is a visual platform, so your pins should be visually interesting. 20. Don't mislead people in the description of your pins. 21. Make sure your pin links to the content you are promoting, and not just the home page of the content. Be direct. 22. Be respectful of other users. 23. Credit all of your sources. 24. Like all social media - engagement is the key. You need to use the service as often as possible. 25. Find ideas and trends by using the "Popular" button. 26. Use a Pinterest add-on for your browser, so you can pin easily while browsing the web. 27. You can add contributers to your boards that can help keep your content fresh. 28. Add news pins as often as possible. 29. Be interesting - Don't laugh this is actually hard for some people. 30. Stay organized - keep boards focused on one topic. If you want to expand topics, create another board. 31. Follow any users who are actively pinning about your business. You can learn the views and opinions of your customers by seeing ©201 | | (800) 806 1232

what the pin and re-pin. 32. Create your brand's Pinterest account before someone else obtains it! 33. Set up a unique landing page for your Pinterest traffic. You can create the page to correlate with the info you are sharing on Pinterest. 34. Listen to your followers - put out potential fires quickly. 35. Categorize your boards. You can put them into any of Pinterest's 32 categories. 36. Hash Tags (#) work on Pinterest as well. 37. You can follow people by boards. If someone only has one board of many that interests you, follow the single board. 38. You can add pricing to your Pinterest. There is a field to add it in the description. 39. Pins are usually engaged with the most, right after it is posted. 40. Try putting text on top of your images. It may grab attention more than the description will. 41. If someone re-pins your content, both like and comment on it. 42. Best hours to pin: 8 PM to 1 AM 43. Put links in your descriptions. 44. Small bursts of pins throughout the day are more effective than putting all pins up once a day. 45. Shorter descriptions tend to get more re-pins ©201 | | (800) 806 1232

46. Show behind the scenes type action at your business. People will feel like insiders. 47. Be genuine. 48. Keep it simple - average person skims a pin in 1.2 seconds. 49. Encourage people to interact by asking them what they think. 50. Tweet and Facbeook your pins. 51. Thanking people for re-pins could start a conversation. 52. Add a link to your website in your profile. 53. Have a healthy mix of pinning your own finds, and re-pinning other's. 54. Youtube videos are really easy to pin, and the video section on Pinterest isn't as packed as the image section. 55. Get a Pinterest phone app to make Pinning on the go simple and easy. 56. Use images in all of your posts so people can pin the images. 57. Since Pinterest is a visual platform your pictures should be high quality and eye catching. 58. Ensure you follow Pinterest’s Copyright, Privacy and Terms of Use Policies. 59. Be wary of copyrights, if images aren't yours - state that. 60. Include “Pin This” icons on content inside your email or newsletter.

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61. Keep your boards looking fresh by rearranging them frequently so featured pins are “above the fold”. 62. Build relationships with other Pinterest users who have high likes or re-pins. 63. Build relationships with other users by re-pinning, liking, and commenting on their photos. 64. Don't spam and give one word feedback. Give thoughtful answers and post on images you actually care about. Being genuine will shine through. 65. Don't be overly self promotional. 66. Inspirational quote images get re-pinned a lot. Include a logo watermark. 67. Once you have some followers, host a best “board” contest (topic related to your niches of course). 68. Complete your entire profile - it looks more professional. 69. Focus the content of your boards on the lifestyle of your brand as well as promoting your products. 70. Find out what people are pinning on your site. This will give you insight into what is catching people's attention on your website. 71. Make sure you understand the risk of posting images you don't own. It probably won't be a big deal, but you should know it could be illegal. 72. Include your Pinterest URL on any promotional material. 73. Be yourself, that shines through on social media.

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74. Use humor when appropriate. 75. While you should share important Pins on Facebook/Twitter, don't auto post if you pin a lot. It will clog your FB and Twitter feeds.

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