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Pittsburgh Climate Initiative


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania February 2012 Copyright © 2012, Green Building Alliance


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Report Compiled by Miriam Parson, 2010 Climate Fellow, Green Building Alliance & Student Conservation Association John Jameson, 2011 Climate Fellow, Green Building Alliance & Student Conservation Association

Report Edited by Aurora Sharrard, Green Building Alliance Aftyn Giles, City of Pittsburgh Jim Sloss, City of Pittsburgh Evan Endres, Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future Heather Sage, Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future Lindsay Baxter, Pennsylvania Environmental Council Matt Mehalik, Sustainable Pittsburgh Melissa Bilec, University of Pittsburgh Stan Kabala, Duquesne University

Report Recommendation Contributors Many thanks to the following people who shared their time and technical expertise in developing this updated, expanded Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan, Version 2.0: ACTION Housing, Inc. Lindsay Ruprecht Allegheny County Jeaneen Zappa David Chunn, SCA Fellow Jamie Eberl, SCA Fellow Carnegie Mellon University Mike Blackhurst

City of Pittsburgh Aftyn Giles Jim Sloss Shawn Wigle Christov Churchward, SCA Fellow Sarah Palmisano, SCA Fellow Members of the City of Pittsburgh Sustainability Commission Listed in Table 7 Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future Evan Endres Tiffany Hickman Heather Sage Lauryn Stalter, SCA Fellow Community Partners of the Black & Gold City Goes Green campaign Listed in Table 9 Fossil Free Fuel Asa Watten Green Building Alliance Jenna Cramer Aurora Sharrard Miriam Parson, SCA Fellow John Jameson, SCA Fellow GTECH Strategies Andrew Butcher Claire Miziolek Lauren Seiple Higher Education Climate Consortium Listed in Table 10 Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh David Weber Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority Melissa Rubin


Pennsylvania Environmental Council Lindsay Baxter Scott Van de Mark Pennsylvania State University Greg Roth Pennsylvania State University Extension, Allegheny County Ann DeSanctis, SCA Fellow Student Conservation Association Miriam Parson Sustainable Pittsburgh Matt Mehalik Jacob Baechle, SCA Fellow Amanda Virbitsky, SCA Fellow Business Members of the Business Climate Coalition Listed in Table 8 Urban Redevelopment Authority Matthew Smuts

Funding Support Pittsburgh Climate Initiative Partners are thankful for the generous support provided by the following funders since 2008: The Heinz Endowments Pittsburgh Foundation PurBlu Beverages, GIVE Energy Pittsburgh Prize Surdna Foundation

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2008 Pittsburgh Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory: A 5-Year Benchmark Miriam Parson, Green Building Alliance Jenna Cramer, Green Building Alliance Aurora Sharrard, Green Building Alliance Technical Support Provided By: Jamie O’Connell, ICLEI Melissa Stults, ICLEI

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania February 2012 Copyright © 2012, Green Building Alliance


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Climate change remains a major threat facing both Pittsburgh and the international community with short, medium, and long term consequences for the economy, the environment, and society. Locally, the Pittsburgh region will ultimately experience a variety of climate-related effects including higher prices and shortages of basic goods, higher susceptibility to flooding, increased public expenditures from increased responses to extreme weather events, and higher rates of infectious diseases and heat-related illnesses. In 2008, the City of Pittsburgh recognized these potential dangers and took active steps to mitigate potential outcomes by creating the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan,