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Oct 31, 2015 - a) Chief Marketing Officer with support from Chief Information Officer: Publication of information on Plan International USA website.
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Open Information Policy Senior Advisor, Innovation, Transparency and Strategic Change

1.0 10/31/2015 All Plan International USA Staff • International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standards • Plan International Information Disclosure Policy • Plan International USA Child Protection Policy • Confidentiality Policy • Privacy Policy [email protected]

Open Information Policy Summary/Purpose Plan International USA is committed to the principle of transparency in our operations, as a means of enhancing our accountability both to the children and communities with and for whom we work, and to those who provide us with the funding and other resources required to fulfill our mission. This policy describes the data that Plan International USA will make publicly available either proactively or on request, how and when it will be shared, and explains any exclusions that will be made and the rationale for them.

Scope This policy applies to organizational and program management information from Plan International USA. For information and documents produced by Plan International Inc., (International Headquarters, Regional Offices, and Country Offices) please see the Plan International Information Disclosure Policy. Due to the pooled nature of sponsorship funds, detailed information on program work funded with sponsorship funds raised by Plan International USA falls under the scope of the Plan International Information Disclosure Policy and is not covered under this Plan International USA policy. (Summary information is available through the Plan International USA Annual Report and Accounts.)

Policy 1.1 Plan International USA’s Open Information Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) is intended to ensure that Plan follows the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) guidelines and standards for the publishing of international aid data. The following information will be made available to the public in phases by October 15, 2016, with the exception of confidential or sensitive information as outlined under “Exclusions”: i) Phase 1 (by October 15, 2013): (1) Plan International USA Operations: Annual report and financial report, governance structure and board members, and Plan International USA’s program strategy. (2) Plan International USA Programs: Project name, period of performance, description, funding source, total budget (initially for projects of $200,000 or above) funded by bi- or multi-lateral donors, foundations and corporations and where Plan is the primary recipient and implementer. ii) Phase 2 (by October 15, 2014): In addition to the above, summary of proposals, disbursement and expenditure (as internal systems permit), results when projects conclude, and external audit (where available) for projects of $200,000 or above funded by bi- or multi-lateral donors, foundations and corporations, where Plan is the primary implementer or where Plan is the sub-recipient and has authorization from the prime to publish. iii) Phase 3 (by October 15, 2016): information on funding that is received through sponsorship and other types of private giving, and information on grant funded projects under $200k, as internal systems permit and depending on Plan International’s progress with IATI publishing. 1.2 This policy is available on the Plan International USA website.

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1.3 As additional international transparency initiatives and standards emerge, this policy will be updated to reflect Plan’s growing interest in being as transparent and accountable as possible.

Responsibilities 2.1 Accountability for the implementation of this policy will lie with the Executive Office. Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of all staff within Plan International USA. 2.2