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between the UN and the host-country government/other national stakeholders .... order to highlight those best practices and successful experiences that can be ...
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Our Learning Programmes Are UN-specific

Truly inter-agency

Relevant to your daily work

Closer than you think

Directly at your desk

Tailor-made for your Organization

We are part of the UN family, so we know what it means to work in the United Nations – be it in the field or at headquarters, in middle-income countries, in programmes or in operations, in entry-level or in management positions. Our programmes are tailored to the distinctive reality of the UN system and of specific UN organizations.

Our learning experiences bring together UN staff from across the system in a truly inter-agency spirit. Participants learn from each other, exchange views on common issues, and build networks to continue learning beyond the classroom. We believe that only by ‘learning as one’ can UN staff ‘deliver as one.’

Please check our website regularly for updates on courses’ dates and venues www.unssc.org

We offer residential courses in state-of-the-art facilities on our campuses in Turin, Italy and Bonn, Germany. We also deliver training in numerous countries around the world, thanks to our mobile team of trainers. You don’t need to leave your duty station to benefit from our training.

UNSSC Programme Portfolio 2017

Our programmes blend external expertise with practical UN experience. Each course features subject-matter experts and thought leaders from renowned academic institutions, think tanks, the private sector and civil society, as well as experienced UN practitioners. This makes the learning directly relevant to your daily work.



Who We Are



We are the learning organization of the United

We design and deliver learning programmes for UN staff and their partners. We help the United Nations Nations system.

become more effective by fostering a common leadership and management culture across the system.

Our distance learning courses combine self-paced online learning with live sessions with the course instructor and participants from across the UN system worldwide. This way you can learn how you want, when you want, and still benefit from an interactive experience.

We can design and deliver customized learning programmes to meet the specific needs of your organization, department, peace operation, or inter-agency group. We are fast and flexible, and have pedagogical expertise in a wide range of skills and knowledge areas. Just let us know what you need and we will design a learning programme for you.

Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development is a transformational blueprint for action that has a bearing on all UN staff, not only those working in development. To help you understand its potential and contribute to its realization, you can turn to:

UNSSC Programme Portfolio 2017

The Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development: based in Bonn, the Centre offers online and face-to-face courses, provides learning support to UN Country Teams, and strengthens networks within and beyond the UN system on the sustainable development agenda. By serving as a catalyst and convener, the Knowledge Centre links a diverse range of stakeholders from academia, the private sector and civil society to UN staff, in the promotion of knowledge sharing and in the spirit of interconnectedness central to the Sustainable Development Goals.


The UN Lab for Organizational Change and Knowledge: UNLOCK aims to foster a culture of change and innovation across the UN system by increasing the understanding, commitment, and capacity of UN staff for change. It provides advisory services on change management to UN teams, departments and organizations, offers online and face-to-face courses, and maintains communities of practice among change agents a