organisation. Functional Relationships: Internally. • The Board of Directors. • Office Manager. • Haul Out Manager. • Activities Manager. • On-water Coordinator.
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Position Description Naval Point Club Lyttelton (NPCL) General Manager September 2017 This document is subject to review from time to time

Section A Position:

General Manager

Reports to:

The Board



Section B Position Objective:

The General Manager is responsible for overseeing the management and leadership of NPCL, and is accountable for driving and delivering the commercial and strategic priorities as set by the Board of NPCL across the core pillars of the organisation.

Functional Relationships:

Internally •

The Board of Directors

Office Manager

Haul Out Manager

Activities Manager

On-water Coordinator

Volunteers, officials and coaches

Externally •

Sponsors and the public

Business Partners and Funders

Community Stakeholders


External advisors such as advertisers, PR and

Marketing, financial, accountants, lawyers

Nature and Scope: Limitation of Authority Organisational Dimensions: Staff Numbers: Annual Turnover: Assets:

6 full time staff

Section C – Key Tasks and Specific Accountabilities 1

Leadership The General Manager will provide inspiring leadership with clear direction to NPCL, its staff, officials, and stakeholders. Expected Results



Develop and implement initiatives and programs for NPCL that supports the overall business strategy as agreed with the Board


Prepare a comprehensive NPCL budget – considering both revenue and costs – that clearly aligns with the business strategy


Implement the agreed business strategy through the development of an annual plan for NPCL and their representatives so that all stakeholders clearly understand the activities required and the performance expectations


Establish key performance indicators for internal functions, and regularly monitor and report on performance against achievement of these KPI’s


Provide all necessary guidance, coaching, training and performance management to team members to ensure KPI’s are achieved


Regularly review procedures and processes to ensure best practice and optimisation of resources


Report to the Board on stakeholder performance, actual financial performance against budget and KPI’s on a monthly basis and any other information as may be required

Stakeholder Management The General Manager will build strong and effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Expected Results (a)

Build and maintain strong and effective operational relationships with key internal and external stakeholders


Enhance, grow and develop relationships with sponsors, funders, and local authorities


Build, grow and maintain appropriate networks, profile and relationships with media, service providers, suppliers and the public


Financial Management The General Manager will manage NPCL’s operations in an efficient, profitable and transparent manner. Expected Results



Prepare, seek approval of and implement the annual business plan and budget


Report to the Board on progress against the plan and the budget with quality and timely information to enable good decision making


Develop new and diverse revenue streams in conjunction with the team


Achieve the expected level of performance as established by the KPI’s<