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Sep 7, 2011 - XXII No. 3 • September 2011. Here we are in September getting ready to finish FY. 2011 and ..... time, but also can be triggered by any number of actions. Far too often ...... 210-822-8197 Fax ... Fax [email protected]
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Newsletter of the Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Inc.

President’s Message

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C O N T E N T S President’s Message • page 1 Upcoming Education &

Here we are in September getting ready to finish FY

Networking Opportunities • page 3

2011 and start FY 2012. Many of our communities have

TMCCP Election Law Seminar • page 4

been hit hard by the heat and the drought of 2011.

Annual TMCA Business Meeting &

That has just added to the budget woes caused by the

Awards Banquet • page 5 “Change—It’s Here to Stay!” By David Reed • page 6 Nov. 2 Athenian Dialogue • page 7 Volunteer Opportunity: TMCA Booth

continued economic downturn. There are cities that are seeing some economic improvement and hopefully that will spread to the rest of the state soon. Many of us are still wrestling with SB 100 and its implications

at the TML Conference • page 8

for our 2012 elections and budgets. This issue may be

New Susan Rocha

on the radar for some time. We had a very good and

TMCA President Mary Kayser, TRMC

animated panel discussion on this topic at the TMCCP

City Secretary, Garland

Annual Scholarship Award • page 9 Recent TMCCP Seminars • page 11 TML Report • page 13

Legislative Update in August. Alan Bojorquez and the TMCA staff put together a great program, both

IIMC News • page 14

for SB 100 and for the other legislation that passed. I

Chapter News • page 16

know that those of us that were there got some very

Chapter Contact Information • page 42 TMCA Officers & Committees • page 43


Vol. XXII No. 3 • September 2011



President’s Message good insight into the recent election legislation. If

Speaking of elections, make your plans now

you were not able to attend the Legislative Update,

to attend the TMCCP Election Law Seminar in

the handouts related to the discussion of SB 100

January. We have completely redesigned the format

along with all the other topics are on the TMCA

of the seminar and will be including a variety of

website. Texas Municipal League also has a portion

breakout sessions that will help you regardless of

of their website dedicated to SB 100 questions

whether you hold your own municipal elections

and answers. Scott Houston and Bill Longley have

or contract with the county. You will be able to

prepared a sample resolution that you can use as

choose the sessions that are relevant for you and

a starting point if you are making changes under

your city. We will also be offering two round table

SB 100. Also, be on the lookout for a survey from

discussion sessions on Wednesday: one for those

November 2011

TMCA related to SB 100 in mid-September—we

of you holding your very first election and one for

Election Calendar

need your input. Please make time to complete

those of you who are contracting with the county

by Analeslie Muncy

the survey.

to hold your election for the first time.


Handouts from the Don’t overlook the other changes made by the

The year is two-thirds gone, but there is still a lot

2011 TMCCP

Legislature. Use the recent Legislative Update

happening in your association. TMCA President

Legislative Update

handouts to familiarize yourself with these changes