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Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand MX, Dreamweaver, basic knowledge of animation, video, 3D and audio editing. Language. Fluent English, Native Spanish.
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Sebastian Rodriguez Barros Art Direction / Design



More than ten years developing digital experiences, utilities and services for mayor international brands. Crafting functional and aesthetic solutions, combining strategy leads and advanced visual ergonomics knowledge, composition, typography, balance and color. Able to direct creative teams, emphasizing the creative conceptualization by applying strong communicational and marketing knowledge in order to achieve excellent results.

2012 - Present / Atreyu Design & Markup Owner / Director - Complete team direction. Design solutions and consulting services, emphasizing brand image strengthening and online sales. Clients: Falabella - LG - Baraona Abogados - Horus P&M


2007 - 2007 / Universidad Uniacc Assistant Teacher Applied Marketing.. RR.PP. 8th Semester

Idea and concept + Data collection Concepts and strategies to forge powerful visual communication and memorable digital experiences.

2009 - 2011 / Funziona - Pellet Fuel Marketing / Design

2007 - 2007 / Maña Diseño Designer

Art Direction + Design Extensive experience in creating visual and design systems across digital media. Ability to lead designers, photographers, programmers and illustrators.

Comunication Confident and articulated verbal communication skills, able to relate the final customer with the whole project and build leadership.


Education 2013 / A.C. Coaching y Capacitación Strategic relationships coaching, 56 hours 2012 / A.C. Coaching y Capacitación Applied Marketing coaching, 48 hours

Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand MX, Dreamweaver, basic knowledge of animation, video, 3D and audio editing.

2006 /Instituto Pofesional AIEP Graphic Designer

Language Fluent English, Native Spanish

2002/ Universidad Vicente Pérez Rosalez 2nd year Audio Engineering

Hobbies and interests

1999 / Colegio Terranova High School

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Awesome Illustrator High performance track cyclist Kick ass death metal singer, writer Not so amazing guitar player

References Daniela Segura

Sebastián Paredes

Federico Rodríguez

Daniel Elbelman

Creative Writer

IT Manager


Owner / Production Manager


Viral Creation

Baraona Abogados

Horus P&M

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