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Freedom Project 4759 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105 Tel (206) 325-5678

PROGRAM MANUAL 1ST EDITION 2015 This manual specifies the programs that Freedom Project implements both in Prisons and in the Community. It serves as a manual for new Freedom Project Facilitators, a guide and resource for current Facilitators, and standard for the future growth of Freedom Project’s work.


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1st Edition Created April 2015 by Daniel McInally & Erin Sperger, with help and support of Freedom Project’s Program Committee and others from Freedom Project’s community.

CONTENTS Contents Contents __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 Description of Freedom Project_________________________________________________________________________ 3 Nonviolent Communication (NVC) _____________________________________________________________________ 5 Mindfulness ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 6 Certificates _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 8 Facilitators_______________________________________________________________________________________________ 10 Peer Mentors ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 14 Prison and Community Programs _____________________________________________________________________ 15 Program Evaluation and Debriefing ___________________________________________________________________ 21 Program Changes / Pilot Programs ____________________________________________________________________ 22 Appendix A – Forms ____________________________________________________________________________________ 25

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DESCRIPTION OF FREEDOM PROJECT Description of Freedom Project WHAT IS FREEDOM PROJECT? Freedom Project is a not-for-profit organization providing Washington State prisoners tools that can help them to transform into peacemakers. We do this by facilitating Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness practices in prisons and in the community. We provide quality training for volunteers, promote clarity and consistency in our classes through evaluation, and support returnees (ex-prisoners returning to the community) through community meetings and practice groups.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT Freedom Project strengthens our community by supporting prisoners as they transform into peacemakers. We offer training in concrete nonviolence skills that lead to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones, and the community. Our work addresses the healing of relationships ruptured by violence and the forging of community founded on genuine safety through connection.

OUR VISION We dream of a world where each person is held in the circle of humanity, where every individual experiences a deep knowing that all members of the human family belong to and are connected to each other. We dream of communities and nations dedicated to nonviolence as a soul force for the healing of all relationships fractured by injury, violence, anger, and mistrust. Freedom Project offers a new vision of what is possible.

OUR VALUES Connection and Community Freedom Project believes that community created through authentic connection engenders genuine safety. We are grounded in the belief that all human beings are precious and have a place at the table. Compassion Freedom Project believes in the power of compassion as a healing force on the planet. We believe that through empathy we can connect with the essential beauty within ourselves and others and in this way serve the world. Mindfulness Freedom Project values mindfulness as a way of living so that we act with intention and care. Sustainability Our practices provide sustainable and stable changes in behavior and world-view that will make a compassionate community possible.

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