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and defined lines, Amaze is sleek, contemporary, and a particularly beautiful piece ... head-rest and seat height adjustment options,. Anatom can be customised.
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Project Chairs 2015

Chairs that work for you In the modern workplace, there are certain things we just can’t take for granted. Efficiency, comfort and productivity are all closely linked to our environment and its design. Without them, potential will be left unfulfilled and creativity will stagnate. But when these are provided, we can work without limits. Featherlite delivers a diverse range of chairs that facilitate productivity, synchronising perfectly with the user and inspiring new possibilities.

Precision design

Even a simple object can work in complex ways. Featherlite offers chairs that have been inspired by the cutting edge of ergonomic engineering.

Perfect support

Seating that provides an interactive experience. Knowing your needs, intuiting your movements.

Inventive aesthetics

Chairs that blend in and chairs that stand out. Featherlite reinvents the icon of the office to compliment and elevate its environment.


Adjustable lumbar support

Designed for you Imported Duraflex mesh seat and back

Optima Mesh exhibits seating that offers unparalleled levels of comfort and support. The mesh is biomorphic, designed to fit and adapt to every curve and contour of the user’s body. Its lightweight and contemporary aesthetic design communicates the chair’s inner workings and make it nonintrusive in its environment. Optima mesh is a chair ready to adapt to anyone, anywhere, accommodating the needs of the user on their own terms.

Multi-lock synchro mechanism

Optima Mesh HB

Optima Mesh MB


Adjustable headrest

Three way adjustable arms

Adjustable seat depth

Chrome base

Optima HB (OC 1)

Optima MB (OC 2)


Designed for well-being

Unique two-piece back design with height adjustment

Comfort that is sturdy and reliable. Pinnacle uses a unique multi-panel system to ensure every portion of the body is supported. The user’s legs, thighs, lower back, upper back and head are all offered their own comfort centre in the shapes and positions that the human body needs. Available in leather and in mesh, Pinnacle’s robust frame stands out as a stylish and effective addition to any workspace.

Multi-function lever

Adjustable lumbar support

Tilt pressure adjustment

Pinnacle Mesh-FR (EHPE-AB-HAM-LM)

Pinnacle Mesh (EHS-HAM)

Pinnacle Leather (EHS-HAL)


Two-piece back construction

Adjustable arms

Designed to respond Liberate re-imagines the way a chair should behave, responding to the user’s every movement to provide support at any angle. The chair is built with health orientated ergonomics in mind, featuring the unique DynaFlex system that provides intelligent feedback to the user. Featherlite has incorporated this technology into a product of seamless design that blends perfectly into the modern office environment.

Unique DynaFlex system

In-built body flex lumbar support Multi-lock synchro mechanism

Liberate MB

Liberate HB

LIBERATE The DynaFlex System This unique system is designed to offer unprecedented flexibility and freedom to the user, putting items on either side within easy reach. It also features a special flex lumbar support that synchronises perfectly with your back in all positions of recline. While in the upright, locked position, DynaFlex provides a comfortable cushioning that stimulates the spine and abdominal muscles to promote a healthy posture and back.

DynaFlex delivers comfort for long hours at the upright 90° position typically suited for computer use. It does so by unconsciously exercising the user’s upper body consistently through the day, thereby discreetly and effectively