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The art sector is indeed in need of a makeover, and also a nice example of where blockchain technology could be utilised. With thousands of artist around the ...
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ArtPro (APT)


SNAP ArtPro plans to make buying and selling art over the web accessible for everyone. With a user-friendly platform, ArtPro has as a goal to restore the trust in the art industry through blockchain technology. By taking out from the equation third party authenticators, ArtPro delivers a secure and decentralised system through a consensus mechanism. ArtPro has in sight to create the go-to marketplace for private dealers and contemporary artists, focusing on emerging talent. The platform will make it possible to discover and purchase fine art online stripping away excessive fees, and intermediaries. Certificates of provenance which are stored on the blockchain ensure the authenticity of each artwork.

Token Specifics Token Pre ICO Price ICO Price Platform Currencies Accepted Soft Cap Hard Cap Country Bounty/Airdrop Whitelist/KYC

APT 1 APT = 0.10 USD 1 APT = 0.15 USD Ethereum ETH 5,000,000 USD 20,000,000 USD Malta Both Both

Social Media Analytics Telegram Members 14,776

Youtube Views 175

Twitter Members 8,969

Medium Claps 600

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SWOT Strengths


An extensive team spanning from front end software developers to full stack software engineers, marketing experts and community developers. This ICO understands the fact that for an idea to move forward it needs a diverse team and an array of skills

The list of countries that are not able to participate in this ICO is quite extensive. Although different countries have different regulations and risk levels which would inevitably slow down bringing an ICO to the market, excluding them means limiting the opportunity of reaching the hard cap



The art sector is indeed in need of a makeover, and also a nice example of where blockchain technology could be utilised. With thousands of artist around the world, and with a more secure means purchasing and keeping track of art, ArtPro is indeed trying to change the art industry, and there is a strong following when it comes to revamping art for the 21st century

There are numerous competitors in the art industry offering similar products which could potentially limit the market share for ArtPro. Nevertheless, no one is yet to release a P2P marketplace, giving them the competitive advantage of the first mover


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