Purpose (i am)

Purpose (i am) citrine . gold . tigers eye . pearl rutilated quartz. Purpose helps us find our place in this world and approach our true purpose with courage, vigor ...
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Purpose (i am) citrine . gold . tigers eye . pearl rutilated quartz

Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

Purpose helps us find our place in this world and approach our true purpose with courage, vigor and joie de vivre. Use it to overcome depression, oppression or complacently. Use it in times of transition and change to stabilize emotions and mental capacities and make good decisions and judgments. Perfect for individuals who are going through a “mid-life crisis” or starting a new project or job. It will help you to think clearly and put your problems into perspective. Helps one to overcome addictive tendencies, phobias and habits that hinder ones growth. Emotionally it balances steadfast with flexibility and helps one to create healthy boundaries. This is a great remedy for abundance and business success. It helps one to make sound business decisions, increase selling power and attract money and growth. Physically it can be used to overcome disorders related to growth, metabolism and digestion (crones, diabetes, food allergies). It benefits the stomach, spleen and pancreas and is good for bruising, cellulite and other skin disorders. Physically Physically this remedy stimulates digestive function and promotes the working of the stomach, spleen, pancreas and gallbladder. These stones have been said to cure food disorders, strengthen the immune system, and facilitate absorption of vitamins and minerals. It can also be used to balance energy in the body and nervous system and calm over stimulated adrenal glands. It is beneficial for ulcers, bruises and tissue regeneration and eczema. It also helps with sexual problems caused by severe tension, such as potency problems and premature ejaculation., It reduces cravings for excess food, tobacco, alcohol or stimulants. Helps with rheumatism. Emotionally Purpose helps one to overcome depression, free oneself from oppressive influences and restore joie de vivre. Use it to breaking the psychic or psychological hold of a destructive, over-dominant or controlling person in your life. It fosters self-expression and selfreliance, encourages extroversion and helps one get out of a rut. Use it to combat depression, increase self-confidence and ease the trials and tribulations of mid-life crises in both sexes. Helps one to overcome stressful situations and balance feelings of anger, fear and jealously. Mentally Purpose helps us to think big and not to limit our visionary power because of supposed pressure of circumstances. It helps one to be practical and realistic – especially in the areas of finance and money management as it increases mental focus and helps us to accurately digest and assess the impressions we have received. It helps one to convert dreams into reality and improves the decision making process. It increases self-reliance and is beneficial for people who are either starting or switching careers. Purpose helps to relieve mental issues or blocks, it can streamline your thought process, increase mental focus and help one to set boundaries and personal limitations around time, food or finances. It stimulates the ability to confront others, draw accurate conclusions and make decisive decisions with integrity. It can be used to balance the right brain/left brain and to treat conditions associated with autism, dyslexia, epilepsy and physical coordination. Spiritually Purpose encourages individuality, self-confidence and the courage to face and enjoy life. It makes us dynamic and encourages a desire for variety, new experiences and self-realization. It helps us to access and express the highest aspects of our personal rd identity, brings strength and balance to the 3 chakra and helps us tap into our inner truth, joy and wisdom as a source of creative power. It promotes precision alignment with higher sources of energy and inspiration and helps us physically anchor the ability to access, synthesize and communicate information from other dimensions. Protects one and helps overcome oppressive or negative energies.