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Jul 10, 2012 - Created 25th June 2012. Quick Start ... Also available from UCD Connect, UCD Mobile app, Library website, Library workstations – and a mobile version. ➁ Key your .... Add a subject or course tag of your own to this item.
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Quick Start Guide Our Catalogue

Created 25th June 2012

1. Starting your Search The catalogue provides a search engine style of experience, returning a set of results based on the keywords you enter - any mix of author, title or topic words. Easy to use tools can then be applied, to refine and narrow results, or to try alternative search suggestions.

❶ Go to the catalogue at http://library.ucd.ie Also available from UCD Connect, UCD Mobile app, Library website, Library workstations – and a mobile version.

❷ Key your search into the box rural ethiopia

biography james joyce

wallace stevens

district and circle

Chris Curtin

Curtin Kelly

Use wildcard * to widen results econom* ireland

❸ Advanced Search Click on Advanced Search to PRESELECT an index, use Boolean logic, limit your format, language, collection, location, select year range before you start searching Use AND, OR

european central bank OR ECB

celtic tiger AND ireland

❹ Articles tab If you just want to find a few quick start sample full text articles, click on the Articles tab and then input your search into the box. This is handy, but is NOT our full collection of databases and full texts – use our A-Z of Databases to explore that.

❹ ❷


Quick Start Guide- Our Catalogue

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2. Refining your Results ❶ Check the number of results and Sort results Results will start off in order of relevance. Click to resort by title, or date with most recent first

❷ Browse results If there are more than one page of results you can browse through them to review

❸ Choose facets to refine (narrow) your results Click on as many facets as you wish to filter your results. Click on the X to switch them off again

❹ For titles of interest There is a quick summary about our copies of the title on this screen showing: which library the copy is in; the shelf the item is on and the type of loan; if it is available to check the shelves or is out on loan. If we have more than one copy you are told how many we have - click on the + sign to see details about them all. For print journals click on + Show library holdings to see the date range we hold


Quick Start Guide- Our Catalogue

Guide 24

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3. Features to look for in the results summary

❶ Click for eBooks Login if prompted with your UCD login. You will get access to the text marked like this online.

❷ Click for articles A set of sample digital articles will be shown, click on pdf to view and login if


❸ Request it

If an item has to be fetched for you, or somebody else has it on loan, click to request it and login if prompted.

❹ Click for local UCD Research An increasing amount of full text material from UCD researchers can be accessed from our local research


❺ Table of Contents and Publisher Descriptions Some books have these available so you can get a good idea of the detailed chapters and decide on its relevance for you.

❻ Format of the item Check the icons to see at a glance the format of the returned results.


Quick Start Guide- Our Catalogue

Guide 24

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4. Articles

❶ ❷ ❶ Articles in your results You will see some sample articles in your results. If one or more is relevant click on the pdf or full text link to view the article directly – login if prompted with your UCD login.

❷ Seeing more articles If you want to see more articles OR they are not very relevant click on View more or the Articles tab at the top of your page.

❸ The full articles display Having clicked on the Articles tab or “View more” you can now often browse through a much larger set of articles OR change databases in the left column to see other results. Always remember this is just a selection of our full text articles – if the results do not suit explore the A-Z of databases – there is a link at the base of the home page of the catalogue.

❹ Related Searches The system suggests to you for both article and book results alternative searches - click on any of the suggestions to change the article and book results.

❹ 10/07/2012

Quick Start Guide- Our Catalogue

Guide 24

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5. Exploring the full title record

❹ ❸ ❺ ❶ Navigate Move through next and previous full records –or click on < back to results to return to the summary set of results, or click on New Search to go right back to the start screen.

❷ Add to cart , Add a Tag, Request it Add the title to your cart for later saving. Add a subject or course tag of your own to this item. For items on loan or that need fetching for you, a Request it option is also provided here

❸ Click on any subject shown Click on a subject to see other material in the collection covering the same topics.

❹ Recently added items See the most recently added items in the same broad subject area as this item.

❺ Google Preview Google books previews available for selected titles.


Quick Start Guide- Our Catalogue

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6. Some Key Services ❶ My Book Cart Add items to your cart from summary or individual item screens – you can always remove them again by clicking Remove from Cart.

❷ Using your Book Cart – My LIsts When you want to action the items click on My Book Cart

at very top right of your screen

In your Book Cart you can refine your listing by removing items. Then you can: a. e-mail or download full or brief records b. save the records to a list store. If you save to My Lists you will need to login first. You can create different lists of material for various topics or assignments or courses. These sets of records will be retained for you into the future like personalised virtual shelves – or you can export them into EndNote. c. Request any of the items that are in store or out on

loan Tick items to action them, or hover over them for icons.

❸ My Account Click on Login and then submit your surname and UCard number. Then click on My Account You will see any holds you have on loaned items, your reading history, your various stored lists if you have created them with My Lists. And you will see a heading for items checked out

❹ Checking and renewing your loans If not the default view, click on the Items currently checked out link Review the items and due dates Pick the items to renew and click on renew – or select renew all New due dates will show - and for any items it was not possible to renew information will be provided in the Status column


Quick Start Guide- Our Catalogue

Guide 24

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