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nic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case ... Quizmaster – Growth hack your marketing through quizzes and personality tests! ..... Well-written quizzes pass this test – based on each user's results. ..... However, equally important to your sales funnel is email automation.
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Boris Pfeiffer and Mike Hawkins

QUIZMASTER Growth hack your marketing through quizzes and personality tests!

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1 – Background  2 – Why do quizzes work? The three types of viral content #1 “Hey – that’s funny!” #2 “Check out what a smart (or good) person I am…” #3 The “Facebook effect” – sharing is vital

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3 – Quiz, personality test, survey, or poll - what’s the difference?  18 Quiz Personality test Survey Polls

4 – Power your sales funnel with quizzes What’s your marketing goal? How to write a great quiz How many questions per quiz? Creating quiz results 1 – Get in touch with your sensitive side (or “politically correct”) 2 – Serve up a little sass (“Smiles = shares”) 3 – Provocatively challenge How many answers for each question? How to write the perfect quiz title? Five rules for awesome titles

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5 – How to write a great personality test


Begin at the ending – write the results first

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Tell them what their test title means… Result types – the final word … How many questions? (The ‘Five Minute Challenge’) Scoring the test (Weighting the answers)

How to ask the right question? (Psychology 101) Questions with no scoring Personality types that (almost) always work Openness to experience Conscientiousness Extraversion Agreeableness Neuroticism Using the 5 personality types in everyday tests

6 – Making money from quizzes Creating quizzes for others Increase page views Viral shares How can you make your quiz viral?  Ads Lead Generation Placement matters Gatekeeping results Build custom audiences for Facebook ads

7 – The Quiz Sales Funnel How the quiz sales funnel works Step by step instructions #1 Define a clear goal for your campaign #2 Build a personality test #3 Set up a mailing list Quiz marketing funnel Mandatory or optional sign up forms? Publish your quiz The power of Facebook pixels

8 – Summary

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Introduction Quizzes are big these days. Really big. You must have seen online quizzes or personality tests like these on your social feed: •  “Which Harry Potter character are you?” •  “How many country capitals can you name?” •  “What’s your ideal career?” According to AdWeek, quizzes and personality tests are the most shared content on social media – and every day, your friends and family will post a quiz or test result like “My spirit animal is ‘Tiger’ – what is yours? Take the test to find out!” As a marketer, if you are not using quizzes and tests to promote your brand and to collect leads yet, you are missing out on a powerful sales and customer retention tool. Best of all – quizzes get your potential customers involved. Instead of bombarding them with ads, use quizzes to get them clicking and volunteering information that will help you