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AI, revamped controls and a single-player Destruction mode. ...... along with a DVI to D-sub converter to connect a second monitor to your PC. As with.
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Top 50 Games of 2003 Hardcore 3D Graphic Card Round Up Unreal Tournament 2003: Level Editing

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PREVIEWS Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness


PC REVIEWS Unreal II: The Awakening Impossible Creatures Grom Command & Conquer: Generals American Conquest MS Combat Flight Simulator 3 Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome FIFA Football 2003

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Mortal Combat: Deadly Alliance [PS2] Dark Angel [PS2] Fire Blade [PS2] Dino Stalker [PS2] Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer [PS2] Ape Escape 2 [PS2] Star Wars: The Clone Wars [PS2] Sly Raccoon [PS2] Star Fox Adventures [GCN] Buffy the Vampire Slayer [XBox]

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HARDWARE Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP Creative Inspire 6.1 6600 Logitech MX 300 Optical Mouse Soltek QBic EQ3000 Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel Pro Pad

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This month’s cover: Unreal II - visit page 52 for details.

APRIL NAG COVER CD DEMOS Freelancer Jurassic Park Project Genesis

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MOVIES Enter the Matrix The Animatrix: Program Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness World of WarCraft

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PATCHES Age of Mythology v1.04 Patch Grom v1.3 Patch (European) Neverwinter Nights v1.28 patch Splinter Cell v1.1 Patch (European)

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MODIFICATIONS - ADD ONS Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Screensaver UTILITIES 3DMark 2003 Empty Folder Foobar Ifranview Slim Browser

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april 2003

nag magazine

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the beginning

Living longer Just a quick announcement, from this issue onwards NAG Magazine will be available at all Pick 'n Pay stores. We've also increased our overall print run to meet the demand in some areas. What this means to you is that you should have no more trouble finding the magazine. We're growing and improving each month and soon we'll be so big headed we won't answer our letters anymore.

There is a point to what follows a little further on, so bear with me while I bear my soul. Last year sometime I made a foolish bet with a buddy of mine that I could reach a set body weight in six months, too much male posturing and alcohol being the major contributors. The bet was, I must lose 15 kilograms by December and win R500. Simple enough - December came and went and I'd actually managed to go up in kilograms - those damn Wimpy breakfasts! So the bet was extended to May the next year for R 1000 [plus endless ridicule from said friend]. It's now March, I've started running and at the current loss of weight I should come in close to the target. But all this is beside the point, it's just scene setting for the next paragraph. The point here is that I went out and bought a running magazine, because I'm clueless about my new sport. I'd surfed countless websites but the sheer amount of information there actually makes it difficult to find anything useful. Paging through