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sponsored by HP, were nothing short of godlike, the network was so poorly set up that players were ...... The new laptop includes a rotating. 10.4" display .... media player that enables users to stream music and video from their computer to their television or entertainment system through their PS2 network adapter. It features ...
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w w w . p r o p h e c y. c o . z a June 2003 | Volume 6 Issue 3 SA Edition

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Cover: Smith? Agent... Smith? That could only mean one thing... yes, Enter the Matrix is inside!


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PC REVIEWS Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield 1503 AD: A New World Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb IL 2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Vietcong Enter The Matrix

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Logitech Driving Force Wheel [PS2] Saitek P3000 Cordless Gamepad Soltek NForce 2 AMD Motherboard Leadtek Winfast A300 Ultra TD MyVivo Video Card Logitech Cordless XBox Controller Philips 150MT LCD TV / Monitor D-Link DCS1000 Internet Camera Sahara USB 128MB Flash Disk

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F EAT U R E S PREVIEWS Star Trek: Elite Force II Worms 3

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Gamer IQ Test Interview: Keanu Reeves -The Matrix Reloaded [email protected] Joystick Round Up Unreal Tournament 2003: Level Editing

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COVER CD DEMOS Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Test Star Trek - Elite Force II Vietcong

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Phew... You know that old story about locking a journalist in a room for a week and sliding a pizza under the door every 12 hours because he had a last minute exclusive review to bash out? Well it really happened this issue, no really - the game Enter the Matrix arrived at the MegaRom office on the Monday and by that Thursday [after holding up the entire magazine production cycle] we finally sent the four review pages down to our printer. The cover also changed at the last minute - it was supposed to be Indiana Jones swinging his whip around - [see picture below left]… what a rush! Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible [especially Walter, how was that pizza?]. Do enjoy the review - it's probably one of the first print publication reviews of this game in the whole world. Okay, we'll just have to go bigger then… Next month look out for our E3 Tribune - it's all about E3 - [E3 is a trade only annual expo in Los Angeles that takes place during May every year. It's the biggest gaming event on the calendar where publishers, developers and thousands of press get together to announce and report on the future of gaming.] For gamers, E3 represents the start of