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10:45 am- Free time. 11:15 am– Mass. 12:00 pm– Pick-up lunch and free time. 1:30 pm– Session 3. 2:15 pm– Confessions and free time ... Age: ______. Email: ...
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Januar y 27-29

Retreat Registration Form

The Work of Prayer

Contact Us! Newman Centre Catholic Chaplaincy 89 St. George Street Toronto, Ontario M5S 2E8 416-979-468 ext. 222 [email protected] www.newmantoronto.com/chaplaincy

Newman Centre Winter Retreat

Retreat Schedule

What is this retreat about? `







Registration Form


6:00 pm- Depart for Jericho House

Please fill out the following

assistance of a number of Jesuit

~8:00 pm- Arrive at Jericho House

information and return this form

Scholastics, will be leading us on

8:30 pm- Session 1

this amazing weekend of prayer,

9:30 pm– Silence and all night adoration begin

silence, rest, and fellowship! If you’ve ever wondered how you

along with your non-refundable retreat fees ($100 students/$150


non-students 18-35, payable by

8:30 am– Pick-up breakfast

cheque to “Newman Centre”, cash,

can grow in intimacy with Jesus and

9:30 am– Morning prayer

go deeper in prayer, this is where

10:00 am- Session 2

you need to be. If you’ve hit a wall

10:45 am- Free time

payment) to the Newman Centre

11:15 am– Mass

Catholic Chaplaincy Office by

in your prayer life and need a resuscitation, come. If you are long-

12:00 pm– Pick-up lunch and free time 1:30 pm– Session 3

ing to experience God’s love more

2:15 pm– Confessions and free time

deeply, this is for you.

4:30 pm– Evening prayer 5:00 pm- Supper to break silence

Cost: $100 for students, $150 for

6:30 pm– Community time

non-students, includes food,

8:00 pm- Session 4 and re-entry into silence

transportation, accommodations. Good things to pack: -Clothes (for inside and outside) -pajamas


Friday, January 20. Name: ___________________________ Age: _______ Email: ___________________________

7:15 am– Exposition (Optional) 8:30 am- Breakfast 9:00 am- Session 5


11:05 am– Sunday Mass

-prayer journal, bible, rosary

12:00 pm– Lunch

Please do NOT bring sleeping bags/

12:45 pm– Depart for Newman

blankets, towels, or pillows

or phone/in-person credit card

Phone: _____________________ Allergies/medical considerations? ___________________________ ___________________________