Rates, Charges, and Fees - City of Midland

For fixed residential appliances or receptacle outlets for same, including wall-mounted electric ovens; counter-mounted cooking tops; electric ranges .... The plumbing permit fees required by the plumbing code shall be as follows: Permit Issuance: (1) ... For each gas piping system over 5 outlets, per outlet . . . . . 1.00. (9).
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Chapter 21 RATES, CHARGES AND FEES Art. I. In General, §§ 21-1--21-69 Art. II. Parks and Recreation Fees, §§ 21-70--21-79 Div. 1. Civic Arena, § 21-70 Div. 2. Golf Course, § 21-71 Div. 3. Swimming Pools, § 21-72 Div. 4. General Recreation, §§ 21-73--21-79 Art. III. Emergency Response Fees, §§ 21-80--21-89 Art. IV. Library Fines, Fees and Other Charges, §§ 21-90--21-100 Art. V. Municipal Civil Infraction Fines, §§ 21-101--21-110 Art. VI. False Alarm Response Fees, §§ 21-111--21-119 Art. VII. Midland Community Television (MCTV) Fines, Fees and Other Charges, §§ 21-120--21-129 Art. VIII. Parking Penalties, §§ 21-130--21-149 Art. IX. Stormwater Fees, §§ 21-150--21-152 Art. X. Parking Meter Rates, § 21-153 Art. XI. Police Department Service Fees, § 21-154 Art. XII. Geographic Information Systems (GSI) Data Fees § 21-160 Art. XIII. Fire Department Service Fees § 21-165 -- 21-170 Art. XIV. Dial-A-Ride Rates and Fees § 21-175

ARTICLE I. IN GENERAL Sec. 21-1. Short title. This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the "General Rate Code of the City of Midland." Sec. 21-2. Scope; intent; conflicting provisions. It is the purpose of this chapter to establish certain rates required for various licenses, permits and fees in the city. It is not intended to repeal, abrogate, annul or in any way impair or interfere with existing provisions of other laws or ordinances, except those specifically repealed by this chapter. Where this chapter imposes rates other than are imposed or required by existing provisions of law, ordinance, resolution, contract or deed, the provisions of this chapter shall control. Sec. 21-3. Refuse collection fees repealed.

(Ord. No. 742, § 1, 12-15-69; Ord. No. 889, § 1, 6-21-76; Ord. No. 910, § 1, 7-25-77; Ord. No. 1005, § 1, 8-24-81; Ord. No. 1051, § 1, 7-25-83; Ord. No. 1091, § 1, 7-1-85; Ord. No. 1173, § 1, 6-19-89; Ord. No. 1207, § 1, 12-17-90; Ord. No. 1220, § 1, 6-24-91; Ord. No. 1241, § 1, 6-15-92; Ord. No. 1265, § 1, 6-14-93; Ord. No. 1691, § 1, 3-8-10) Cross References: Garbage, refuse and litter, Ch. 10. Sec. 21-4. Yard waste collection fees. (a) Roll-out container. An annual total fee of forty dollars ($40.00) shall be charged to the owners or occupants of each premises requesting city collection of yard waste contained in the owners' or occupants' roll-out yard waste container(s). An annual fee shall be charged to the owners or occupants of each premises requesting city collection of yard waste contained in the owners' or occupants' roll-out yard waste container(s) as follows: (1) Forty dollars ($40.00) for the first roll-out container; (2) Seventeen dollars ($17.00) for each additional roll-out container. This fee must be paid to the city prior to the beginning of the city's collection service. (b) Kraft paper yard waste bag collection sticker. A yard waste collection sticker must be affixed to each individual kraft paper yard waste bag that is placed at the curb for collection by the city. The fee for each yard waste collection sticker shall be forty cents ($0.40). (c) If residents with a roll-out container choose to set additional yard waste out in kraft paper bags, they must also affix a $0.40 collection sticker to each bag. (d) Waiver. Yard waste collection fees (whether for containers or yard waste bags) shall be waived during the three-week spring and fall cleanup periods, as such periods are designated by the director of public services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, yard waste collection fees may be waived during the fall leaf collection program upon approval by the city manager. (Ord. No. 1290, § 1, 4-25-94; Ord. No. 1329, § 1, 10-30-95; Ord. No. 1691, § 2, 3-8-10; Ord. No. 1773, § 1, 2-16-15) Secs. 21-5, 21-6. Reserved. Sec. 21-7. Subdivision fees required. As authorized under Section 241 and 246 of Act No. 288 or the Public Acts of 1967 and as provided in the subdivision chapter of this Code a proprietor submitting a plat for approval shall be required to deposit the following nonrefundable fees with the city. Until such fees are paid, the plat shall not be c