Reader's Theatre - Ms. Appleyard's Fifth Grade

he'll get so excited he'll want to draw .... draw. Narrator 3: He drew fish. He drew birds. He drew flowers and trees. ...... adobe house, cool in summer and warm.
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ALPHABETICAL INDEX TO TITLES Directions for locating and making copies of Reader’s Theater selections. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H.

To locate any title use “Edit” and scroll to “Find.” Type in several words of the title and click on “Find Next.” The first page of your selection will appear with the title highlighted. Scroll through the selection and record first and last pages. To “Print” selection put first page number in the "From” box and last page number in the “To” box. Click on “Print.” Your printer should produce a complete copy of your selection. Make copies sufficient for students (I suggest you highlight individual parts with highlighter to facilitate oral reading).

ALPHABETICAL INDEX A through Z ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY: by Judith Viorst, (Adapted by Christine Novosel) ALEXANDER, WHO’S NOT (Do you hear me? I mean it!) GOING TO MOVE: by Judith Viorst; (Adapted by Jen Lehman) ALEXANDER, WHO USED TO BE RICH: . by Judith Viorst; (Adapted by J. Servis) BEN FINDS A FRIEND: by Anne Marie Chapouton; (Adapted for Reader’s Theater by Jenny Miller)

THE BRAKEMAN: Written for Reader’s Theater by Christian Ziegler. BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE?: by Bill Martin, Jr.; (Adapted by Tonda Campbell)

THE BULLY BROTHERS TRICK THE TOOTH FAIRY: by Mike Thaler; (Adapted by Mary McKeon)

THE BUTTER BATTLE BOOK: by Dr. Seuss; (Adapted for Reader’s Theater by Kristina Valaitis)

CATCH ME: by the Rev. W. Audry; (Adapted for Reader’s Theater by Anthony Maniccia) CHICKEN LITTLE: by Reader’s Digest Anthology; (Adapted by Meredith Krejci)

CINDERELLA: by Roald Dahl; (Adapted by James Servis) DAISY- HEAD MAYZIE: by Dr. Seuss; (Adapted by Laura Weber) THE DAY JIMMY’S BOA ATE THE WASH: by Trinka Hakes Noble; (Adapted by Sandy Dauer)

ELBERT’S BAD WORD: by Audrey Wood; (Adapted for Reader’s Theater by Allison Chill)

ESCAPE: from the novel, Charlotte’s Web: (Adapted for Reader’s Theater by James Servis) EVEN THAT MOOSE WON’T LISTEN TO ME!: by Martha Alexander; (Adapted by Paula Lutz)

THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX; (A CHAPTER BOOK): by Roald Dahl; (Adapted by Jennifer Guzik Christine Miller and J. Servis)

FARLEY DREXEL MEETS RAT FACE: by Judy Blume; (Adapted by James Servis) THE FAT CAT, A DANISH FOLK TALE: by Jack Kent; (Adapted by Shane Chapman) THE FOX AND HIS FRIENDS: (Written and adapted by Debbie Mayer) FRANKLIN GOES TO SCHOOL: by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark; (Adapted for Reader’s Theater by Susan Driscoll)

THE FROG PRINCE CONTINUED: by Jon Scieszka; (Adapted by Sandy Dauer, Dave Ehrbar, Debbie Mayer and Jennifer Shoda)

FROG AND TOAD TOGETHER: by Arnold Lobel; (Adapted by David Ehrbar) THE GENERALS: by Shel Silver stein; (Adapted for Reader’s Theater by Amy Harwood) GEOGRAPHY? JUST ASK ME!: by Anonymous; (Adapted by James Servis) THE GINGERBREAD MAN: retold by Brenda Parkes and Judith Smith; (Adapted by Allison Chill, Mary McKeon, Gina DeGennaro, & Kristina Valaitis)

THE GINGERBREAD MAN: by Child’s Play; (Adapted by Emily J. Hashier) A GIRAFFE AND A HALF: by Shel Silver stein; (Adapted by Theresa Kosik) THE GIVING TREE: by Shel Silver stein; (Adapted by Christine Miller, Laura Murphy and Jennifer Stephens)

GOLDILOCKS: taken from Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Gardner, (Adapted by James Servis)

GOLDILOCKS & THREE BEARS: by Roald Dahl; (Adapted by Amy Schiever & James Servis)

GOOD FAMILIES DON’T: by Robert Munsch; (Adapted by Heather Stang) GREEN EGGS AND HAM: by Dr. Seuss; ( Adapted by Mary Adamo) GREGORY, THE TERRIBLE EATER: by Mitchell Sharmat; (Adapted by Jennifer Shoda)

GRIZZLY AND THE BUMBLE-BEE: by Joy Cowley; (Adapted for Reader’s Theater by Melissa Irwin)

THE HALLO-WIENER: by Dav Pilkey; (Adapted by Arika Walker) THE HAPPY PRINCE: by Jane Ray; (Adapted for Reader’s Theater by Katie Kilroy) HARRY AND THE TERRIBLE WHATZIT: by Dick Gackenbac