member of Surf Life Saving Western Australia who performs a ... On 3rd January 2016, Bunbury Police Officers Forster and McKain responded to a call for ...
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Gold Medallion for Exceptional Bravery The Gold Medallion for Exceptional Bravery is the highest honour, awarded to any person who performs a conspicuous and selfless act of exceptional bravery in circumstances of extreme peril. Recipient: Joanne Lucas SC Just after 7am on the 10th May 2008, Joanne, a member of the Albany Surf Live Saving Club, arrived at Middleton Beach in Albany to attend surf boat training.

Arriving early, she was on the beach when she heard cries for help and was alerted to a swimmer thrashing around in the ocean.

Initially thinking it was a dolphin in the water, another beach goer screamed out that the swimmer had been attacked by a shark.

Unable to find anyone to help her, and with little thought as to her own safety, the mother of three immediately swam out towards the man and, with the shark still circling, towed him 80 metres to shore, where they were assisted by other Surf Club members.

Joanne has been awarded a Pride of Australia Medal; the Star of Courage; and the Clarke Gold Medal for her bravery, and is also the Ambassador for the Coastal Bravery Awards.

Recipients: Ben Long, Matthew Lodge and Glen Keaughran Ben, Matthew and Glen were three of the individuals dubbed “angels of the ocean” and “absolute heroes”, as they ignored their own safety in order to assist fellow surfer Mr Gerring, after he was attacked by a shark off Gearies Beach on 31st May 2016.


Mr Gerring was some 250m off-shore when he was attacked, with Ben and Glen being the first surfers to paddle out to help. Matthew, on the shore when the attack happened, didn’t hesitate in grabbing a board and heading out in to the water to help the others.

Once the surfers got to the shallows with the injured Mr Gerring, they were met by several people who helped to carry Mr Gerring to shore where first aid and treatment could commence.

Recipient: Ulrich Snell On 20th September 2016, two teens had been swimming outside the flags at Scarborough Beach and were swept out by a rip before becoming exhausted as they tried to swim back to shore.

On the shore at the time, the boys friend Ulrich noticed them in trouble in trouble in the water. Swimming out un-aided he brought one friend back to shore before returning for the other who, by now, was face down and unconscious in the water.

Commencing the journey back to shore with his friend, upon hearing his calls a for help, a surfer came to their aid, assisting them, through difficult conditions, back to the shore where Mr Snell commenced administering CPR, saving his friends life.

Recipient: Jason Shepherd On 18th February 2017, Jason Shepherd was at the remote Nanarup Beach, 25km east of Albany, when he noticed a family in distress nearby. Caught in a rip, the seven people had been dragged away from the shore and were struggling to make any headway.

Paddling over on his boogie board, Jason pulled two adults and a young girl onto his board, and coaxing two others to swim across the rip with him, guided all five towards shore where, upon them regaining their footing, he surrendered his board to them before swimming retuning twice more to bring the two remaining children to safety.


Recipient: Jack Bray On the 1st April 2017, while holidaying in holiday in the Great Southern, 31-year-old Mr Bray and his friend were taking photos at the isolated Boat Harbour, west of Denmark, when his friends was swept from the rocks by a large wave.

Despite fine weather, the sea conditions were treacherous that weekend, with reports of swell of up to seven metres off the coast.

Rushing to raise the alarm, Mr Bray alerted emergency services before making the decision to jump into the water in an attempt to save her.

After a lengthy period of time in the water, Mr Bray was able to help his friend to safety before he was swept away in the treach