Recreation Management Software

CivicRec is one of the most powerful software solutions available in the recreation ... accounting tools, reports, and financial integrations allow you to share accurate ... or online. Scan members in and out of the facility. Set recurring member.
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Recreation Management Software


2,500+ Local Governments

55,000+ Users

60+ Million People Impacted

CivicPlus was founded over 20 years ago to help local governments achieve more with less.

Community Recreation Management Made Easy


Parks & Recreation Software CivicRec is one of the most powerful software solutions available in the recreation industry. The interface is easy for staff and citizens to use and robust tools make managing activities, facilities, and transactions simple. CivicRec empowers your team to manage memberships, instructors, sports leagues, and ticketing. Our accounting tools, reports, and financial integrations allow you to share accurate data with local government. For citizens, the public portal allows users to track activities, reserve facilities, and more — and the responsive design displays seamlessly on any device.

“Our membership, participants, and activities have grown


Custom Experience

The complete solution needed to

The responsive design ensures that

run an efficient organization. There

the public portal is optimized for

is no need to pick and choose as all

any device.

modules and future releases are included.

tremendously. I can make a call and receive help in minutes.

Modern and Intuitive

Simple, Scalable Pricing

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From the citizen dashboard to built-in

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Streamline Your Recreation Management Activity Registration


Make activity registration easy both in-

We’ve included an enterprise level,

house or securely online. With a fully

touchscreen-friendly point-of-sale

designed registration page to match

(POS) system for administrators to

your department website, the course

process registrations, book

catalog is easy to use and search.

facilities, or sell merchandise from anywhere in the POS system using just one interface.

Facility Management With numerous rooms, fields, and facilities to manage, departments

Membership Management

need a robust Facility module. Our

Manage member-level details from

interface enables reservations online

one location. Sell memberships,

or in-office. Set waivers, prompts, and

punch cards, or key-fobs in-house

forms using the same functionality

or online. Scan members in and out

available for activity registrations.

of the facility. Set recurring member billing and streamline payments for departments and citizens.

Sports Leagues Organize sports leagues year-round. Set up registrations by team or individual, manage assessments, track game results, and auto-schedule games and tournaments with dragand-drop adjustments.


All-In-One Recreation Software Solution

Digital Engagement Do more than just take registrations. Give citizens a rich catalog experience that promotes all your community offers, and even displays locations in a map view. Connect to your community’s social networking profiles and invite citizens to connect as


well. Encourage feedback and solicit future participation in upcoming events