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Jun 7, 2017 - Principles for Digital Development website (referred to as “writer” in the ... Provide a detailed budget, including assumptions and costs and level ...
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Request for Proposals Content development and rewrite in support of the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) May 23, 2017

Initiative Background Summary The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) originated to bring together the public and private sectors to realize an inclusive digital society that connects everyone to life-enhancing and life-enabling technology. DIAL’s role is to convene the community, discover what works and what doesn’t, generate insights to help strengthen ecosystem partners, and advocate best practice recommendations. DIAL is positioned to serve as a neutral broker, bring together government, industry, and other development stakeholders to promote new solutions to old problems.

DIAL is focusing its work in three areas: •

Platforms and Services (P&S): DIAL addresses reach and capacity challenges, working to help digital service providers design and deploy their services faster, at a lower cost, and to a wider audience in development markets. Data for Development (D4D): DIAL accelerates shared value scenarios in technology and economic models, working closely with MNOs and digital data holders. DIAL also supports discussions tackling sensitive privacy and security questions that hinder the public sector and development community’s access to and use of data to improve communications and services

May 31, 2017

Content development and rewrite in support of DIAL


provided to the people they service. •

Insights and Impact (I&I): DIAL produces, curates, and disseminates evidence-based good practices packaged in easy to understand guidance so that governments, technology companies, the development community, and other implementers can quickly use it to inform ongoing efforts to fund, design, and deploy digital services to more people. DIAL also convenes these groups to shape greater collective impact.

DIAL’s Insight and Impact (I&I) focus area has four main initiatives: 1.

Stewardship for the Principles for Digital Development. DIAL invests in a series of comprehensive, complementary global public goods for the digital development community to increase awareness and adoption of the Principles for Digital Development and maximize their impact.


Operational How-to Guidance. DIAL is producing an operational how-to guidance for digital development practitioners that illustrates step-by-step approaches to implementation, grounded in the experiences and emerging good practices of digital deployments and digital development programs.


Exploratory Research. DIAL undertakes independent research and support the efforts of other actors in to elevate new insights emerging from the digital development ecosystem.


Donor Collaboration. DIAL works closely with donor organizations to assess the gaps in funder investment and collaboration for digital development.

DIAL is accepting proposals for content rewrite and development for the Principles for Digital Development (PDD) website, The overall goals of the PDD website are to (1) foster community engagement and interaction, (2) provide practical, relevant how-to guidance and resources for digital development practitioners, and engage a range of visitors, including implementing organizations (international and humanitarian NGOs), donors, and country governments, and (3) increase awareness about the Principles themselves. DIAL’s aim is to produce relevant and useful content organizations and individuals who are implementing digital development programs to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of their programs. The tone, examples and other references should resonate with the target audience and reflect their experience on the ground. The content rewriting and development is part of an ongoing effort by DIAL to steward the Principles for Digital Development. As stewards, we seek to create an interactive dialogue with prac